How do I eat healthier/make better food choices when?

I've tried so hard to get a job and I finally have one and I start next Tuesday.. but its temporary it ends in January. I'm trying to lose weight but by still living with my parents they cook 99% of my meals. And they hardly eat healthy we eat friues, burgers baked chicken, baked BBQ chicken, lots of rice and Mac n cheese, as well as hot dogs etc... by me not having money I can't purchase healthy food.. and my mom eats out a lot so it's hard to say no or not eat fast food. how can I eat healthier or say now and eat less of bad foods to lose weight?, its so hard to eat right in this house because I have access to just about any food


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  • You can make yourself some healthy lunches to take to work using those leftovers and by buying yourself some stuff for salads. A healthy vinaigrette dressing, some tomatoes or onions, and some of that leftover chicken, for example.

    For now, eat smaller portions of what they're giving you for dinner.


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  • I think it sounds like all of you need a health kick! maybe suggest it with your mom she may help