What are some snacks. and candies in your country that you like?

I'm suscribing to a monthly box service called Universal Yums that showcases popular snacks from different countries. This upcoming box will be USA so I will probably know some of the foods. So what are your favorites from your country?

What about some good snacks from Australia, Germany, Nether
Netherlands, Ireland and UK?


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  • No one is mentioning Reeses! What is wrong with you people?
    Reeses, they're the best, trust me. As a kid, after going trick or treating (an American tradition were you dress up in a costume and go around the neighborhood asking for a treat and egging the houses that didn't give any) my brother and sisters would trade candy. You'd have to trade like four out give pieces of good candy for just one reeses. That's how good they are.


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