Why is Chipotle so delicious yet makes your farts stink?

Why is Chipotle so delicious yet makes your farts stink?
As you can see, this is a real thing lol and it never fails! Every time after you eat some delicious Chipotle! I wonder if it has anything to do with actually being fresh, clean food unlike most places.

I love Chi-po-tle... ❤️🌯🌮

Does anyone here like to intentionally mispronounce Chipotle too when referring to it? haha


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  • Chipotle is amazing.
    The sofritas are amazing, tastes like chicken but less calories.

    • Ooo, I'mma try thoseee

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    • @Prof_Don ooh didn't really know that. Any problem with eating them on occasion though?

    • There is enough soy infused in the American food supply as it is. I wouldn't advise eating any soy product to my fellow men.

      For women soy products are beneficial!

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  • If you've had Mexican and you don't fart afterwards, you didn't have a good Mexican... or is it the other way around? :/


  • The Chipotle near the office deserves a 1-star review. Two different scooper girls asked me what meat I'd like after ordering a veggie bowl. To top it off, they tried to sneak these half-assed, dainty scoops of rice and beans.

    There were no farts, but I refuse to go back.

    • Yeah I always say I want a chicken bowl and then 2 seconds later, they ask "what kind of meat?"

      A little frustrating but they're just stuck on the process is all I'm sure.

  • It's all the fiber from the beans, rice, and guacamole.

    Those types of farts are typical after eating Mexican food!

    • But I can eat at a ton of other Mexican joints and I still don't get the Chipotle farts lol

    • Something about the free range meat and organic veggies, I suppose

  • Never had a problem with it. I think it doesn't suit digestive tract of some people. Chipotle is love. Chipotle is life.

  • Chipotle is amazing, and oxyclean can get the blood stains out of your underwear so know there's no reason you have stop eating it :D