3 weird food combinations that I like. what are yours?

some of these sound gross i know lol.

1) Chocolate and cheese. particularly bourbon biscuits and cheese. You know how cheese and crackers are a thing, well thats how I eat this snack. take a bourbon biscuit, top with cheese. eat. enjoy. this originates from a rugrats episode where an advert was playing on the tv and it had a catchy jingle. choco... choco late cheese! yum. the sweet from the chocolate, and the salt from the cheese are just amazing.

2) salt and vinegar walkers crisps in milk. I guess other countries call them chips, but regardless of what you call them they are awesome and better in milk! kind of a savoury cereal. this comes from when i was drunk one time and had nothing to eat but crisps and milk. Being the resourceful type i combined the 2 and created the ultimate cereal.

3) I've saved the grossest for last. Smoked mackerel wraps with blue cheese, pickles and Encona Hot Pepper Sauce. it HAS to be that particular sauce! I also include other salads, but the blue cheese, smoked mackerel and pickles have such different tastes i just can't get enough.

I love hot foods, and regularly eat the hottest things i can find so i think my taste buds are fucked lol. hence why I enjoy odd combinations of gross sounding foods.

Anyway, do you have any weird food combinations that you enjoy?


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  • Ketchup and rice


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  • 1. Crunchy chip sandwiches, 2. Cheese with jam spread on top. 3. Porridge with butter. My cousin says icecream tastes great with vegemite, but I'm not falling for that! Might try the chocolate and cheese thing though...

  • Have you ever had cheddar cheese on warm apple pie? It is weirdly good.

    I mostly like really plain foods. It grosses me out when people eat cottage cheese with fruit. They even sell cottage cheese at the store with fruit. It is bizzare to me

    • cheese on apple pie? that sounds horrendous lol. though i guess the mix of sweet and salty is the same as my chocolate biscuits and cheese :p

  • I have many that I enjoy but I don't know know the name of them in English.
    And I don't find them gross tbh :p

  • rice and ketchup, pizza and nutella, and crackers with apple juice.

  • Oh my! Digestive biscuits and cheese are amazing


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