What to cook for birthday dinner?

So the boyfriends birthday is coming up, first birthday since we've met (not that that is important).
I'm going to make a cake, and I already know what cake I'll do because I enjoy baking and sweets are my speciality.
But I'm stuck on the dinner! And he's been monumentally unhelpful in answering ha.

So far I've got "I like those garlic chicken kievs, lasagne, red meat".
But I want it to also be more special than steak and vegetables that I cook him most nights.

So any help?

What surprise feasts have you done?

So with advise, i've been told either Lasagne or Roast Lamb +, are the best options. I've never made Lasagne so that could prove interesting, but Roast is probably easier... So what kind of extra's would you like with your Roast Lamb? Potato is a must :P


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  • Call his mom, and ask what she made that he loved, and ask her if she could help you make that, for him, for his B-day! Double-Win for you: You connect with mom, as the 'loving, caring gf' and he connects his feelings of loving mom's food with YOU making something like that!! Getting you extra points!!!

    • He and his mum aren't really talking at the moment and I think she doesn't like me because he doesn't like her currently :P
      I had had that thought though, so I may still do it. It's definitely a smart suggestion!

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  • I go for their fav foods but since he jus throwing words out there I'd jus look for something off of Pinterest with those key words.

    • Yeah I wish he had a favourite!
      Thanks for the suggestion

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    • Sounds good, do you make any particular sauce/juices for the rice, or just cook the chops in their own juices?

    • I get a good box of zatarans fir the rice lol, but for lamb I marinate them in Italian dressing or some herby dressing and sauté it. They cook up fast. Dash on some seasoning salt or salt and pepper nd you're good. To give it a Greek twist I make some tzatziki sauce or crumble up some feta cheese to throw on top.


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  • Chicken Alfredo garlic bread a home maid soup and a salad

    • And pigs 8n a blanket

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  • I'd just want ice cream tbh.
    Ice cream for breakfast
    Ice cream for lunch
    Ice cream for dinner
    Ice cream for president

  • Lmao last weekend I cooked my boyfriend my first big vegan meal and I screwed it up. I'd go with chicken kievs.

    • Aha what happened to screw it up?

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    • Lol same, although I'm the impatient one so I'd get frustrated if I had to start over ha

    • Hahaha same!

  • You could do the steak with a red wine just and get some nice Asian greens and stir fry them with some garlic

  • I don't know how advanced your cooking skills are but what about making your own chicken kievs? He might be impressed that you're able to pull off one his favourites.

    • Pretty decent cook, so I could probably pull it off if I go that route.
      Although I love garlic so I have a habit of overloading things with it sometimes ha

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    • Garlic could start a Religion!

      I already cook heaps of different dishes though so I guess I wanted to make it different but he wants what he wants!

    • Yeh, personally I would go with what he likes

  • Chicken Parmesan?