Who uses sumac in their cooking and how?

we recently discovered sumac, a spice with a mild lemony flavour. Wondering who else uses it, how, and on what foods.


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  • I only use it on hummus. It adds that lemony-acid flavor that you talk about. Plus it's really pretty on top. If you come up with other ideas, let me know because the container I bought is huge.

    • Hummus! Of course! Thanks for that. We use on eggs, white fish, like ole, plaice, cod and like that, but so far not on trout, salmon, tuna or other stronger tasting fish. Others have mentioned rice, salads, BBQ. Brilliant taste. We love it.

  • Us Arab, we use Sumac mostly in breakfast and sometimes in dinner. Its as you described. We add it to Hummus, in bbq, in some vegan only salads and a few others. I love how it taste.

  • Iranians in their rice

    • Thanks. It was an Iranian friend who told us about it.

    • he probably went on about it being so expensive that per weight its more than gold lol