What does Alcohol taste like?

By that I mean different kinds of alcohol. And the sensation and effects that comes along with it.
What does Alcohol taste like??


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  • If you get close to 200-proof (100% alcohol), as with the case of Spyritus or Everclear, the taste is almost like gasoline or kerosene while instantly drying up your entire throat and potentially even triggering a gag reflex.

    It's not the best taste.

    If you've never tried alcohol and want to try, my suggestion is an easy cocktail like a Margarita or Pina Colada. I imagine almost everyone would like the taste of those.

    For beer, it's an earthy kind of taste that's really off-putting at first for most people, even more so than straight coffee. It's not sweet, not salty -- something very unlike any other food or drink I can imagine. But you tend to come to mysteriously like it over time, especially when accompanied by certain types of food.

    Wine is generally quite bitter and sour -- some more bitter/sour than others. It's a little easier to drink than beer perhaps, but still a bit harsh if you're not used to it.

    Then ~80-proof liquors like straight vodka, tequila, whiskey, rum, gin -- they all have a very unique flavor. I actually found these easier to drink straight than wine or beer at first, but I might be an oddball.

    Anyway, it's hard to describe the taste of something. For example, how would you describe the taste of an apple? Best to just try it if you're really curious.

    • As for the sensation, it tends to be a different if you're a novice to drinking. In that case the room can start to spin if you drink a lot, and you might easily get nauseous and vomit.

      When you get past that virgin stage, it's kind of dull feeling that tends to make you lose your inhibitions. You tend to say and do whatever you want, and you tend to get a lot dumber -- at least for me, when I'm drunk, I'm like a caveman: "Me like drink! Me want more! Mmmm -- me like this food! Me see girl! Me want that girl!"

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    • I think I recovered fine after I stopped it -- not sure about my liver -- that's probably a bit screwy to say the least.

    • (≧◡≦) lol

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  • I'm not a fan of alcohol. I've tried quit a few different kinds and they were all terrible. I wouldn't suggest trying Bacardi 151. Its so nasty with a not so pleasant taste. If you don't like just regular alcohol, then you might wanna try something that has fruit flavor in it. I've had mikes hard lemonade and it was actually alright.


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  • Everyone has a different take. Some like the taste, some don't.

    • Yeah, but my question was what they taste like? Not if someone likes it or not..(• ε •)

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    • Wine - Bitter and tart
      Rum - Acidic
      Champagne - Bland. The bubbles tickle my nose

    • thanks for answering.
      (• ◡•) (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  • Depends different types of alcohol have different tastes


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  • all I can say is vodka has a less burning on the throat than tequila, and sake has a lighter taste than wine, it gives you a warm sensation, you won't even feel cold, beer tastes plain nasty to me, sour and shit.

  • Tastes like coke without sugar and vinegar added to it with a light fizz... not my thing :-/ tastes great in gravy and food!!!

    • >>Tastes like coke without sugar and vinegar added to it with a light fizz...

      So it tastes like, vinegar and soda water combined? Wow, that sure doesn't sound appetizing at all. (;一_一)

      >> not my thing 😕 tastes great in gravy and food!!!

      oh, so in food, alcohol tastes better does it? So if you don't mind me asking, can you actually taste the alcohol in the food after cooking it? And whether eating a meal cooked with alcohol can get a lightweight drunk?

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    • Let me guess.. It had loads of gore n blood!

    • Well kind of.. Neon Demon lol

  • White tastes a little more tart to me, where brown still has a bite but a lol smoother, but it de

    • *deoends on the brand sometimes too

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    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thanks for clearing that up!

    • Your welcome lol a lot of it tastes almost like rubbing alcohol if you could imagine what that would taste like but with other things mixed in to make taste kinda good