Which of these alcoholic beverages do you like best?

*I am making another poll because I fucked up the last one.*
If you mix one of these alcohol types with something else, just vote for that option and comment what you mix it with.

  • Wine
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  • Whiskey
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  • Vodka
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  • Rum
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  • Tequila
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  • Beer
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Most Helpful Guy

  • LOL... this question is unfair.. it's like having to choose a kid from a set of sextuplets ;-(

    It depends on the situation.
    dinner? pizza or hot dogs = beer, italian food/seafood = wine
    at a bar?
    watching a sports game?
    Shot or mixing to make a drink?

    • Hold the phone... profile says 16yr, what do you know about alcohol, LOL ;-P

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    • When I go to the club... I normally drink tequila Shots as most are my female friends are Latinas.

      If Im hanging at a sports bar with my buddy, I prefer whiskeys/scotchs. I use to have a bar near my old job and the bartender would always have a rock glass of Wild turkey and a pitcher of Yuengling waiting for me.

      If it's cold out, whiskey/shots, when it's summer Light beers (bud light/corona) or mixed drinks ( rum& coke, gin& tonic, margaritas).

      a lot of times when I'm out it depends on what is cheapest, "best bang for the buck".

      "Mothers a bartender" not in NJ?

    • Okay thanks. :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I prefer a beer during a hot day OR a glass of red wine during cold nights (merlot or cabernet). I picked beer in the poll though :)


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  • Other as in neither... Not my thing... Each of those just tastes bitter... Cocktails - they're awesome. When you can't taste the alcohol.

  • Wine. I don't really like the taste of of beer or other strong liquor