I want to kiss my best friend of the opposite sex?

Its strange. After 2 previous relationships I was very close where every night we would text and ring for hours and until the moment where we end up dating / going out, but after the whole splitting up process I hardly talk to those so it kind of put me off wanting a relationship for awhile... I just wanted to keep good friends of the opposite sex. Anyway I have a girl-friend of the opposite sex and we're very close friends, the way we describe it to each other is I'm closer to her than I'm closer to my male best friend and she's closer to me than what she is to her female best friend...

I don't want a relationship with her but I so badly want to kiss her! She's really pretty, amazing, cute funny and beautiful on the inside and outside. And what about casual sex, where friends just have sex as friends aslong as there is trust and respect and both friends understand its to show love in their friendship and not to progress it into a relationship. What do you guys think? But my other question... of course I'm sure that a friendship with kissing and sex sounds weird so how would I try and ask her if she wanted this?


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  • i had a best friend of the opposite sex and he died. but I can honestly say we never went too kissing each other or dating, we both had boundries and loved each other too bits. I'd even sleep in his bedroom with him and sit up talking, laughing smoking and drinking alchol then fall asleep. personally I think ya's both have ruined a friendship tat proberally would of lasted a life time. coming from a girl I don't think you will ever get that true friendship bond back with her. As for casual sex when I'm having casual sex with someone I don't have the respect for that men tat I'd have with a relationship.

    Don't go there into casual sex if either of you hurt the other by starting a relationship with someone else ur friendship is ruined too. don't take that gamble on something so valuable like a best friend.

  • ... You know... That's really screwed up...

    You just wanna kiss her for the hell of it? If you ask her that, I think you'll wreck your entire friendship...

    The problem is, you two are already so close, and girls tend to want a relationship after you get physically involved.

    It's your call: You can stay friends or you can risk a great friendship for the ability to become "friends with benefits." Although I'm quite sure the latter is pretty much impossible.