Why does a guy regret having sex?

I have recently been hanging out with this guy friend of mine. He clearly told me that he wasn't looking for a relationship that he likes his life the way it is..so on and so forth. Well after about a month We would do A LOT of things together.. From hanging out at a club, to taking his child and my child out to parks. We've been knowing each other for YEARS, and we were at one point friends with benefits. Now that we have reconnected, we know more about each other, spend time enormous time (which is what I think is bothering him) together. We engage in sex, but most of all we are really great friends well needless to say on night after drinking and and having sex I SAID SOMETHING STUPID in reference to being more than a friend, and since he has stated that he thinks that if we are going to remain friends we shouldn't have sex... So I get it, he doesn't want a relationship..(at least not now) BECAUSE all his signals are leading to potential g.f. status... I screwed this up and he got scared but WHY is he so regret full of having sex?

p.s. we recently hooked up again he initiated it and of course I'm gonna agree... BUT we're back to "If were gonna try to make this friendship work we can't have sex"

WHY the hell did he approach me then?

WHAT does he really want?



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  • Men are VERY simple creatures. I'm almost positive that he's not even going through this emotional battle you're having. It just basically goes the way wanacot said: "he's a guy...he's horny" Very few men are going to show definite signs of wanting a serious relationship. He's gonna keep you around and continue saying this as long as he knows he's gonna get some.

    If you are beyond just sex and want an actual relationship, you should look for someone who wants that, and is CLEAR about it. He seems kind of all over the place.

    Good luck with everything...

  • He doesn't want a relationship.

    He keeps "slipping up" and having sex with you because he's a guy... he's horny. Once he gets off and starts thinking clearly again (at least temporarily) he realizes the folly of his actions.

    Don't expect a relationship with him.