Rash on neck, sore throat after sex with fwbs?

So I had sex with my fwbs recently. Two days later, I developed this super itchy rash on my neck. My glands in my neck are also swollen, and I have a sore throat. We are having unprotected sex right now, but he told me that he has not been with any other girls, and I'm the only one. Should I be worried?


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  • He could have at least given you mononucleosis. And you can't trust what people say because talk is cheap. Go to the doctor just to make sure it's nothing serious, and make sure you use condoms from now on. It's just not worth risking your health for brief pleasure.

    • You could potentially pass oral herpes on to another person if you keep up your sexual exploits. Just sayin'.

    • Oral herpes? It gives you a rash and swollen glands?

    • This seems to happen every time I have sex lately and not just with him. I tend to get a rash and everything on my neck and then swollen glands. I got tested, my doctor said I have oral herpes so maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know really... I will go to the doctor, I just hate always going because every time I do the doctor kinda looks at me like I'm stupid or a whore or something.

  • Why are you having unprotected sex? Rule #1 is guys will say ANYTHING to get you to agree to unprotected sex. No, not all guys are like that, but enough are that you need to be cautious. Don't take anyone at their word when it comes to sex, especially if you aren't even in a relationship with them.

    Definitely go and see a doctor and depending what the problem is I'd suggest at the very least using protection from now on (if not stopping altogether depending what you may have and if you want it again).