Why do men become possessive after sex?

I have a friends with benefits and we just had sex a couple days ago, and while my feelings for him have remained the same, he's really changed already- and he's actually become somewhat possessive.

He is referring to me as his, and keeps sending me messages etc...

When the agreement was we only talk once a week...if that.

So men why would you become possessive after sex with a girl?


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    I am one of those people who really dislike generalizations. Not all men become possessive after sex. Some do, others don't. He in all likelihood had feelings for you above and beyond FWB. He agreed to the terms so he could spend time with you but once he had sex with you, things sort of escalated and now he's full on hooked. You can probably get him dialed back for awhile but I'm guessing he's never gonna really be comfortable with this arrangement so you have some decisions to make. Best of luck!

  • Its a guy thing something inside the brain goes off like phermones or endorphins and it makes the bond stronger and a guy want to possess you much like a womanoften becomes attached to a guy after sex. apparently you seem cool and aren't like that. friends with benefits can work but often sooner or later one party starts fallin in love with the other one and it turns messy.

    idk what to tell u...nice idea friends with benefits but highly impractical.

  • Why does HE become possessive after sex, I'm not sure. FWB is for people that aren't good enough to be in a relationship with, and I think most of us think that way.

  • That can happen with some guys, when they lose their virginity with a girl.

    It's posisble that he was a virgin, and lied to you about it, and once he had sex with you, he started getting possessive.

    • Unless you actually saw him insert his penis into another woman, then it's totally possible he was a virgin.

      You think a guy has never lied about being a virgin?

      And I'm telling you, this weird possessive behavior is something that happens with virgins when they lose their cherry.

    • no he wasn't a virgin, trust me.

  • sex changes things between people. Some are good at keeping those emotions dormant, others not so much.