Did she want to hook up?

Girl I work with the other day we were going to meet up with friends she picked me up before she went to her house to shower. It was around 5 pm. She recently broke up with her boyfriend. She asked me to come in but she warned her sister would be an absolute pain in the ass and said I should come in anyway. I didn't think she'd be long so I waited in her car but she ended up taking an hour. Did she want to hook up or was she just being friendly?

i forgot to mention she had always been flirty toward me I guess I could say.

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    Sounds like she was just being friendly. I say that only because she warned you about her sister so she probably meant if you were to come in that her sister would probably be talking to you more.

  • oh, that's tough... it's possible, but she may have been friendly...depends on how much she was trying to convince you to go in :/

  • Perhaps both, every woman is a mystery to be solved.