What can I do to enjoy being single while my friends aren't?

i don't mind being single at all :) I actually love it at the moment. my past 2 relationships weren't exactly the best. the first guy broke up with me and the second I had to break up with him so I think I have enough experience for now and I think I should enjoy myself right now. thing is... all my best friends are in this long term relationship where their partner is everything and I'm just someone to hang out with when their partners can't. I'm not saying they're bad friends... just not the best. so anyway I said I want to enjoy being single so hanging out with my friends sounds great! but I'm no one's second choice so what now? I already have a hobby and everything :P


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  • If you still want to hang out with friends without being second choice then you could ask to hang with them and their boyfriends.

    But as for what to do... is your hobby a social one where you can meet new friends? If not, then just get out there and enjoy life and hopefully you'll make new single friends while doing so. But I wouldn't completely discount your coupled up friends - one day they may well be single too and you'll be best buds again. You're not second best right now, they're probably just in the honeymoon phase of their relationship where they want to be with the guy 24/7.

  • Do you know any other who is single if so maybe you should hangout with them, that way you don't feel odd and lonely. Do something that you love to do such as go out shopping, read a book or magazines, walk to a lake feed ducks, take photos of things that makes you happy, scrap booking, I don't know find something that you enjoy and keeps you staying happy while being single.

  • The only thing I could suggest is finding more friends who are single as well ? is there a club or group you can join at your school or somewhere around where you live?

    what about old friends you haven't talked to in awhile ? try to reconnect with them.

    Or you can always go out by yourself and do things that you enjoy - shopping, museum, spa day, photography. Start a new hobby?

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    I suppose casual sex isn't an attractive option...Well, if it's not, there's always the endless search for "the one". Eff that though. Search for fun. You only get so many spins on this rock. Enjoy the hell out of em.

  • is your hobby running? and instagraming?

    • haha well this was odd but nice talking to you too

    • oh lol well then it was nice talking to you haha

    • lol no :p

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  • Go out there and find new friends if you don't feel comfortable

  • Well I know your feeling. All of my friends are married, and I'm not, so when I'm with 'em I feel like a 3rd wheel. I guess hang out with us online. Or just go out and find some new friends to hang out with.