Unconfident, unsure, and inexperienced guys will stay in a bad relationship for far too long and feel like they're wrong to walk. So they stay there until the girl does all the hard work, makes them feel bad and thus put all the emotional guilt on the guy. What these guys need is assurance they're doing the right thing. This article will confirm your suspicions, gentleman.

A rule of thumb before we go into this is two big strikes within a few weeks and she's out. Nobody wants to wind up unhappy and I don't what that either. Another pointer is that this article is for the kind of guy who likes women and wants to settle down with the right girl. If you're the sleeping around type, bluntly put, get out and run your short game because you're wasting time here.

So, here it is in no particular order:

1.She has issues with her father
This is a big big problem. A girl who has problems with her father generally has a lot of guy friends and doesn't respect boyfriends at all branding most of them assholes. She's nice for now but when you break up with her she'll be carrying the emotional weight from the break up as well as the reminder of the bad relationship she has with her dad. Stay well away and believe me when I say she'll turn psycho in a split second. No, she's not misunderstood. She's crazy.
2.She doesn't talk with any of her exes
You meet a sweet girl, she's so nice and you find out her last seven boyfriends are "idiotic, stupid, and treat women badly" - where's the common factor here? Her. If a girl can't be civil with any of her ex-boyfriends, unless they all hit her (unlikely, but possible), you've got damaged goods on your hands. What guys ignore is that when you listen to a girl's relationship history, you can often find out where you'll be if the future takes a trip down South
You find out her last 7 boyfriends are "idiotic, stupid, & treat women badly." Common factor here? Her.
3.She nags on you to call more and make more of an effort
When you start calling more frequently, suddenly, she's busy herself. You bring up the same point calmly and she shouts at you. Rinse and repeat. If she's playing that card she wants more control. And you don't want a controlling woman around.
4.She's making excuses
A girl is never too busy to meet up with a guy she likes. Ever. She'll have a slot of time somewhere and deep down I know every girl knows that. "Doing something else" translates to "I've lost interest". If she's still dating you because she likes you she'll tell you when she's next free immediately after invitation to date. If she doesn't and lets you know later, she's got nothing else to do and know you're going to help her fill her time.
5.She started dating seriously at an early age
She's funny, sweet and attentive. Relationships come up and you talk about the first time you can seriously say you were in love. She says 15 and he was...wait...twenty? Girls who date older guys early get hurt early. They're carrying around preconceptions all men aren't good because of this one bad experience (To be honest, they're not far wrong. A lot of guys are bad in this day and age) so think about what's going to happen to you.
6.She tells you everything about her exes
There's nothing you don't know about her exes. You ask and she tells you all about them. Their dirty little secrets, their bad habits and the horrible things they used to do to her. Now, hypothetically, let's say you two broke up. Whose dirty washing is going to be aired next? Yours. If nothing's sacred to her, once it's all over, you won't be either
7.She doesn't value sex
"It's just sex", she says. She's disinterested and it seems more like a process to her than anything else. No decent girl is used to putting out to guys she doesn't have a connection with. If it's purely physical to her then think about why she's got that idea into her head.
Gogus olculeri
If she knows you're onto her, she'll double check her story which puts you in a bad position. Don't overreact and loose ends will untie themselves. If they don't, you've got a liar on your hands.
8.She lies
Women are absolutely great at being sociable and will pick out untruths whenever they can be it subtly or obviously. I sometimes say to my flatmate what I'm having something for dinner and change my mind six hours later - she'll pick up on it. How the hell is she supposed to care what I'm eating after a full day? When it comes to interactions with people a girls memory is subconsciously flawless. The only time it isn't is when it's not the truth. If the same story rolls by twice but has a major difference, keep quiet about it. If she knows you're onto her, she'll double check her story which puts you in a bad position. Don't overreact and loose ends will untie themselves. If they don't, you've got a liar on your hands.
9."You left the TV on when you left. Are you some sort of IDIOT?"
When she picks a fight over the smallest things, something's up. If it's a problem she can sort out easily and she gets angry about it, it's time to leave before she comes at you with a wine bottle. One thing to remember is that if she's shouting at you, you don't have to shout back
10.You don't know any of her friends
If a girl loves you she'll show you off to her friends; being social creatures they like to show everybody else how great you are. You don't know any of her friends and you've been dating a while something's amiss. The time period doesn't matter, so long as you don't know any of her friends, you're still on trial and so's she.