Throw A Player A Twig But Give A Trunk To The Shy Guy. An Article On Shy Men For The Ladies

SHYMEN101. Pow.

I know the aggressive males are so appealing to a female, because it fits the media or propaganda projected image of what a man ought to be. You get one, and too often their brains are just full of jello. They're delicious, but not NUTRITIOUS. Too often we reach for the 99% fat ice cream when we have frozen yoghurt around us – healing us when our hearts get stomped on, hugging us when our tears become worthless.

Sometimes, who we end up with, isn't really the 'ideal' we thought was perfect for us :) ... sometimes, they're right next to you. All you need is COURAGE, and hopefully, this article is a good double dosage!

I'll tell you a little secret. Shy men, are GEMS.

Babe, if you like a shy guy, realise they're called shy for a reason. WEAR THE PANTS.

Behind that glass demeanor, the sweaty palms, is a witty, ROMANTIC and intelligent human being WAITING to be saved from LONELINESS. He is the guy that will love you for simply you, even if you're wearing track pants or have a steak sauce (A1) stain down your top. It is unconditional.

I can tell you this: If you're a SMOTHERER - they're a perfect match. They CRAVE affection. Shy men, won't vom or LEG IT at your overwhelming affection. They feed off it.

Help the poor fella out. They need more - FORWARD HINTS. Normally, a normal guy will notice a twig and bite, shy men NEED A TREE TRUNK worth to gain the same courage … to even touch you.

DO NOT THINK HE IS SETTLING FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING THE WORK. Heck, think, the only way he is ever going to get a girl is if he gets approached by one, and WHEN YOU DO SO, you're doing what he wants. Yes, you are vulnerable, and yes, under normal male circumstances - you're throwing yourself at him - but he ISN'T NORMAL (in a bloody good way). He finds your vulnerability AN APHRODISIAC.


Now, they're a peculiar specimen. Let me explain.

NO GAMES. Shy men, the large portion of them, are inexperienced, 'nice guys'. They often are too scared to make a move in fear of rejection due to insecurities - which we see as appealing (as in a way, our flaws are what makes us 'perfect' and unique). Too often they end up rotting in the 'friendohmygashnosex' category - because they're afraid to take the TEENY step to push the relationship to the next level ... and because of their INDIFFERENT DEMEANOR, too often women (who, come on, are still pretty old fashioned and like to be asked out) see as a sign of DISINTEREST. This is absolute BULL.

Don't get me wrong, they're insecure but THEY ARE NOT WEAK. For some reason, we (ladies) forget that they ARE MEN. THEY HAVE THE DESIRES EVERY PRIMAL MALE HAS. URGES. CRAVINGS that need to be satisfied. Their hormones have been buzzing since a young age too. Imagine being in 'HEAT' and having your legs BOUND together ... they're literally CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGONS. Sex with a shy guy is the last thing you should be worried about.

They're wise, because they seek out strong (honey, you're stronger than you realise :)), beautiful, independent women, and he gets a kick out of knowing that he has your heart and you have his. Mutual support. A beautiful partnership.

They are often introverted, in the sense that they compete against themselves and beat their own personal bests. These are the men who will be stable enough to support you. Long term relationship material.

If the shy guy is REPLYING you (calls, text messages or even talking to you) HE. LIKES. YOU. Or he'd just swim away or disappear. The fact that he is communicating with you means that HE IS INTERESTED. They speak a lot with their EYES. So, whatever hunch you feel, it is ON THE SPOT. They DON’T play games. Black and white, simple and easy flowing partners to have.

We (ladies) need to realise that ROMANTIC love is TURBULENT, IMPERFECT, INCOMPLETE love (it is often limerence or the longing of an incomplete love). If happily ever afters weren't the end of fairytales - I bet you Cindy and Prince Charming wouldn't sound as flash. The TRUE LOVE - shy men can offer is PEACEFUL, TRANQUIL, FLOWING love, that is like a good WINE, only gets BETTER as it ages.

He will nurture you, as they are normally natural 'GIVERS'. Although, they may be reserved with showing affection, they may not be able to boast out loud how much they care, they'll show it through PASSIVE means (this requires listening to you and thought), being there when you need them, saying sensitive little comments to make sure he can see your beautiful smile, everyday.

Note - he isn't retarded. Don't treat him like one. Compliment with your HEART. BE YOURSELF. Because he'll love your inner freak (because he has one too - we all do) ... he is eager for your two secret worlds to blend into one. The intertwining of your imaginations will be truly beautiful.

It is worth it. So, PULL up your pants. Zip up that fly. And POUNCE. Like a cougar.

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What Guys Said 53

  • Good article, but, please, stop with the "insecurities" talk. Every guy has a thousand insecurities the difference is shy guys believe in social caution. For instance, fat guys must have obvious insecurities, but they often are gregarious. Why? Because social caution was never an option for them. They realized early on that it sucks to put yourself out there and get rejected, but its even worse to isolate. Just some food for thought.

  • Good common sense!

  • While this may be true for many shy guys, very few women are willing to go this route. Most women like confident guys who are assertive and outgoing. I'm a shy guy as described in the article but I would rather work on becoming a confident, outgoing guy rather than to wait to meet a girl who likes shy guys. This article may hold true to a degree, and give hope to otherwise hard-luck cases, but I'd advise guys to work on their confidence instead of waiting for a girl to fall in their lap.

  • I'm a shy guy, and you've just described me perfectly.

  • I'm a shy guy..AND I'll tell ya, I know when girls are throwing hints,(its quit funny)... The thing about us is we want real relationships and not superficial hookups. But a one night stand here or there isn't bad either. Once a girl shows her vulnerable side I will gladly take the steering wheel and show her a good time if I'm interested in her. I like to be the person people lean on. Unfortunately I don't like to lean on others, therefor I am shy and don't go outta my way to meet others.

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What Girls Said 59

  • While I think this is an article well written in a very tactful fashion... What if you took a saw and you cut down the tree and gave it to the shy guy? That's kind of what I did. I mean... I kind of threw him hints for about 1.5 years and he still didn't ask me out....? I mean by that time, I just wrote him off as not interested.. At the same time, he's giving mixed signals when I think he's done with me... besides it seems kind of pathetic to moon over a guy for such a long time.mind games

  • Lol. I can imagine you being the hot guy on 'the ugly truth'

    nice article ;)

  • A VERY VERY good article .......i always believed there was more to the shy guy!

  • Best thing I've read in this subject EVER.

  • Thank you for this article! I've been crushing on a shy guy for a couple weeks, and I swear everyday I want to give up haha. I appreciate the encouragement

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