Need advice! Is my girlfriend seeing someone else?

So I've been dating this girl for 2 years and 6 months now, and basically out of no were says she needs space? Let Me explain. So 2 weeks ago, I let my girlfriend go out with her gf's, and I've always let her go out, I'm not the type of guy to not let her go out and lock her into her house. So... Show More

Hey guys, She has been emailing me all day telling me she loves me, and she just needs time, and to give it to her... wtf should I do?!
Okay guys, thanks! I will not talk to her. And if I do decide to, she must explain to me as to why she did it. Thanks guys

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like she is seeing someone else. Even if not, this behavior is unacceptable. You said the relationship was over, now end it and move on. Stop trying to find out the details because it doesn't matter. You gonna feel better when you know who she's been with and what she has been doing? No, you won't. The relationship is over. Stop wasting your time on a girl who is gonna treat you this way. Put your time and effort into someone more worthy.

    • Well if you are going to try to make things work she has some explaining to do. If you want it to work don't push because you will only push her away. Don't just let her off the hook so easily though. If she thought you were home in bed and came over and you weren't there how would she feel?