Emotionally unavailable women?

If you're this type of woman, what made you this way?

Dudes, if you've ran into this type, speak on it.


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  • I can really relate to this question and answers but I waited a little bit to put in my insight because I myself is busy trying to change myself from being EU to EA. I understand being EU but later realized its not worth it -not to invest time in making an effort to find "the one" for me I maybe one day have all this success or achievement yet ending up being lonely and alone from time/years of trying to avoid being emotional and connected with somebody. It could be a long journey though but I gotta be willing. Anyways thought I could post this though it didn't really saying much of an answer. Thanks.

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      Actually I'm glad at least one person can see what being EU can get you. I wish you the best and commend you for making that change.