Do you think that most Italian men cheat on their wives or girlfriends?

I have met a man who is Italian and he has a girlfriend, he wants me to be his mistress...I have told him no but he is very persistent, when I ask him why he needs to be with me also he just tells me, he likes my smile, eyes, style and I am sexy...


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  • It's probably a culture thing (I don't know this) where SOME italian men grow up to have a mentality where they think having several women to f*** considers themselves more of a "man" much like MANY americans or canadians think that way in high school/college scene, so they can show their peers that they are a "man" just because they f***ed one, two or 20 chicks.

    Saying all italian men cheat is way too general and untrue. although maybe those who grow up with those poor values would cheat and those can be north americans, europeans, africans.. any person man or woman could cheat. It all depends how they grow up in their environment absorbing whatever value they acquire from parents, friends, school, etc...


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  • Theres the joke where an italian man persistently tries to ask a woman out, and she says, it can't happen..Im marred! And he replies...thats okay..Im not jealous... Ahh!

    But seriously...its very unfair to take an entire country and attach a certain behavior. We're all individuals with equal capability to be responsible for our actions...cant blame nationality on that.

  • I think a man is a man no matter what race. If he doesn't respect women and respect himself he will cheat no matter if he's red, yellow or blue! A guy can be born into the best/sweetest family in the world and end up cheating on his wife...although lots of times it comes from how someone is raised and who raised him. Guy or girl, if you don't have self control you just need to stay single!