Why is my girlfriend so insecure?

My girlfriend and me were making out and until I unhooked her bra. She had padding in it and it fell out (she has aa cups), she ran out of the room in tears. I did call her a few times with no answer. She won't talk to me. She always problem her with insecurities. Like she wears my baggy shirts at the breach. Any idea?


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  • poor thing.

    the girl obviously doesn't think she measures up with having a smaller chest. you have to show her that you like her just the way she is and that she can be comfortable with you because you don't care about that stuff and you actually find her boobs appealing.

    the minute you embrace her small size, she will begin to embrace it too.

    shes probably been insecure about this for a long time. she just needs some encouragement and support.

    it will take some time but believe me, once you help her to see how beautiful she is, she will be come out of it so much more confident in herself.


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  • i agree with what windy said, you need to sit her down and gather her up in your arms and tell her that you like her just the way she is. & it would hurt to tell her that you're more of an ass man instead:)

  • She is insecure because apparently she doesn't like her body. Maybe she wishes she had bigger boobs. Obviously she struggles with this...poor thing it doesn't feel good to feel like that. Just be there for her and reassure her you still love her (or like).

  • You need to compliment her as much as possible. Tell her she's beautiful. I have the same problem with insecurities, and it always makes me feel better when my boyfriend tells me that I am beautiful. Tell her what you like about her. (i.e. eyes, smile, personality, etc.) Try to keep the focus off her breasts, since this seems to be what is upsetting her. Tell her you love her (or if you haven't reached that stage in the relationship yet, "like her") just the way she is. Hope this helps. :)

  • dump her


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  • I agree. Sit her down and tell her how much you love her. Hold her. Tell her she's the most beautiful girl and that she's your everything. Love her man, and she will come around.