Why are girls bitchy? Why aren't guys bitchy?

If I hang out with guys everything is great. That's because there are no male drama queens out there. Guys aren't bitchy at all. In fact, they don't even know hot to act like a bitch. Why can't girls be like that?


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  • haha, this is a great question. First of all, there are males out there who can be bitches, we call them assholes lol. BUT the bitchassness never comes out of them until a women in their life provokes it and it stays within the relationship therefore their male friends don't tend to see it. YES some girls are bitches. Most of them actually. Including myself at times : ) we are just wired very differently then men. We just want so terribly for you men to understand us and prove to us you care (in a relationship). Lots of women drop hints at men to let them know "I need you to care more" but men don't really get the hint. Therefore we get upset, and when our emotional needs don't get taken care of it results in bitchiness. Its a very simple task to keep a women happy if you get down to it, but it is hard for some guys to grasp the concept of those things. Because some don't know what those things are. And some do. There are a select few out there who know how to treat a woman and keep her happy, and they don't have to deal with her being a bitch. Granted we do birth children and have p.m.s so you can allow a a few days a month to vent : ) that is if you are a great understanding guy. If you are with a women who bitches all the time about EVERYTHING, run, run fast! BUT there are those out there who's niceness out weighs the bitchiness. Hope this helps!

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      "Lots of women drop hints at men to let them know" so women communicate poorly, and get upset with men for not interpreting the subjective hints? that's abusive...

      according to the National Institutes of Health, somewhere between 3% and 30% of women actually have pms. { http://www.nih.gov/news/pr/jan98/nimh-21.htm } what excuse do the other 70-97% of women have?

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      I think the word "abusive" is a little harsh. We don't come out and say hey dumbass, I need you to be like this or that or buy me this or that. That would be a little abusive. We drop hints, I would call that "flirting". Your right some women don't have p.m.s they are just bitches, and they love being that way. If you don't like it stay away from them.

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      She's right. When girls aren't getting intimacy/emotional support, they get pretty bitchy about everything else. Same as if guys weren't getting sex or attention from a girl, they become bitches and complain also.