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Do guys like assertive girls or laid back girls?

do guys prefer girls who will tell you straight out that they like you, girls who wait awhile or girls who let you do all the work (you ask them out,... Show More

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  • well to one side or the other completely is way too much for me. I'd like her to be laid back enough to have a lot of fun with though. So somewhere in the middle but more towards laid back.

    • So like you wanna have to do the work but you want her to be willing to do it?

    • Kinda I want her to contribute not do the work

    • I'd like her to contribute a bit but not do the work it's proabably cause I'm lazy though

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What Guys Said 2

  • laid back

    • You like doing everything? it is very sweet and traditional but they never seem to be interested (or in the same timeline as me) so I always end up telling them I like them to get a read on their interest,,, any suggestions?

What Girls Said 1

  • men don't like completely assertive women...you should have qualities of both, be assertive when NECESSARY, but at most other times just laid back and nice/sweet =)

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