What makes a girl's face pretty or plain?

I'm just curious to know what do guys consider a plain face on a girl? I've always thought I had a plain face. I just think that my blue eyes are my only pretty feature. But I've also had plenty of guys say I have a pretty face. But does it even mean much when a guy says a girl has a pretty face? And I know guys have different opinions, but I just want to know anyway. So what specific features make a girl's face plain, and what features make a face pretty?


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  • The boobs ;p

    Seriously, though, there are some genetic factors that we guys tend to like in a girl's face, like softer, more subtle contours (in other words: no huge jawbones or chins sticking out... Ever saw a girl who looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger whom you thought had a pretty face?). Another thing that we're genetically programmed to lean towards is a symmetrical face (not to offend anyone, but I personally find that people with down's syndrome don't have particularly beautiful faces).

    Then we have the mono-brow. That's just god-awful. Girls who take care of even these minute details (like shaping and taking care of the eye brows (and... dare I say it? YES! THE MOUSTACHE!)) WILL get more attention and will appear more attractive...

    Then we have the teeth... These should be somewhere in the colour palette-region of WHITE (so: no overly-yellow, brown or, god forbid, BLACK teeth O_o), and these should be somewhat taken care of (not that they all point at opposite directions... If they do, get braces).

    Then there are minute details that can be cute or pretty (this depends on the person, though)... Some like freckles, some like small noses, some like big lips, some like small, more feminine lips. Some like deep blue eyes, some like deep golden brown eyes, and others like the innocent grey or green eyes with or without glasses. It really depends.

    Let's see... Then of course, we have the hair. The hair is basically the frame in which you hang the picture of your face. So USE your hair and make it FIT your face-shape:


    And, at the end, we have accessories. These can vary, and also depend on the person. Eye-shadow in various colours that compliment your eyes, for example. Earrings or piercings will depend on what person wears them. I've seen people who have those noce-piercings that looked absolutely fabulous, and there were some that looked horrifying. It all depends on the person.

    In the end, in VERY technical terms, one could say that when a guys says "your face is pretty", and he's actually sincere about it, he's basically telling you that:

    a) you have an awsome genetic make-up, and

    b) you know how to take care of yourself and your appearance very well

    BOTH of which are REALLY attractive to any guy, really...

    So, hope that answered the question.

    Have a great day! ^^

    • Im a girl, a I'm straight, but I've asked many , many, guys what makes a pretty/hot girl. They all pretty much said the same thing: pretty eyes and a good nose, with at least mediam lips. highschool guys don't rly care to much about lips as long as there decent, but guys outs school like the lips more. Hope this helps!!!

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  • symmetry is scientifically proven to be the single most significant factor in attractiveness.

  • Pretty face? Gorgeous eyes, lips, nose, and a killer smile. Don't worry about it if you think you have a plain face. But take it into consideration that a lot of guys tell you that you have a pretty face.

  • hey girl!

    dont worry about it I'm sure your very good looking and if a guy is telling you your pretty then believe me he means it and its an indication that he wants you yup, in bed as well etc etc. Obviously blue eyes can be really attractive but then so can any other eye colour depending on what a guy likes. Usually a girl with a pretty face is one with a small feminine nose, cute eyes, yummy cheeks and nice lips. Hope that helps.

    Ryan xoxoxox


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  • it just means you have a pretty face. there really isn't much to it

    i get called pretty by a lot of guys. it's just a compliment and I'm grateful or whatever but I guess it just means that your features are symmetrical or you have cute eyes or whatever

  • I guess universally a pretty face is one that looks youthful and healthy and is symmetrical.

  • I would say a small upturned nose, light freckles, medium eyes, not to large not too small and yes. My ideal c:

  • i see that nobody said anything about spots, what do guys think about spots on a girl? is it a big turn off or do you not mind them?