Why do guys tell pretty girls they're ugly?

A guy used to call me ugly all the time. I'm pretty sure he was joking, because he's my friend and he's the type of person that likes to joke around a lot. But then again I'm not sure if he was joking, because I've seen guys tell girls they're ugly and meant it. I'm just not sure. He's usually nice to me and talks to me when he gets the chance, but I guess that doesn't mean he thinks I'm pretty either. I guess I'm just wondering if a guy will tell a girl she's ugly if he really thinks it or if he will jokingly call a girl ugly even if he really thinks she's pretty.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I Had a guy do that to me to, I was so deeply depressed afterward, but I think guys do it to gain your attention, because I've had modeling agencies, I've had very rich men, and other women say I was pretty, you must be beautiful, because some guys do this to undermine their looks, and self esteem, a upholding and genuine man wouldn't do this, but a down graded Neanderthal would, it is just how some guys are, he wouldn't say take time to talk to you if he meant it, and wouldn't want to be seen with you if you were this so called 'ugly' which is funny because it seems as though most women will take a man no matter what he looks like yet usually men can be primarily picking. I hope this helps. Please don't take this to heart, I remember someone told me that and I nearly committed suicide, because I thought I got away from bullying.