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Guys, do you like it when girls wear boots in the winter?

Guys, do you like it when girls wear boots in the winter? I'm talking about anything like: link link link

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  • Honestly you shouldn't care what we think. If you like the boot feel when you walk; that is all that matters. Also if you wear a pear for looks and not for comfort(especially winter) you can fall and hurt your self"So you broke leg looking good, I hear.."

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  • Every one of those is uber-cute. 1st is best I think.

    • I LOVE THAT 1 TOO!

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    • Haha I actually have the first pair :)

    • Can I buy you a drink? ;)

  • Because it never fails that you women will climb into bed and shove those damned cold feet of yours (and ALL women have cold feet) right square into our backs or thighs!You wear boots and there is a better chance you will have warmer feet! :p

  • nah, I don't really like em...

  • never really liked boots on a girl in the winter unless they were snowboard boots

  • I really like boots on ladies in winter, (my preference out of those 3 is the second)I spent the day with a girl yesterday she had vary nice boots... but unfortunately she in normally a little taller than me and with the high heal boots on, made her a lot taller!I don't notice shoes, but a nice pair of boots catches my attention.

  • Depends on the kind of boots your talking about. do you mean actual leather boots, or like uggs? I personally like both, but not all men do. Also, do they have a large heel? I think women in boots with about a 4 inch heel and halfway up the calf are sexy

  • Haha yeah, I have to agree, I have a soft spot for girls who strut around with their foot in a boot. Not a big fan of boots with heels, I think they're impractical, and according to my girlfriend, (who lives in boots) they're down right uncomfortable. But a regular fur boot or snow boot really turns me on. Especially for me, my girlfriend has a lead foot, and whenever her boot touches the gas you can plan on being driven at 90mph+ on a normal day, when she's p*ssed, I swear she bend the pedal out of form! So to answer your question, heck yes, I like it when girls wear boots. ;)for anyone who feels compelled to call me a perv, or say I've got a fetish, don't waste your breath. I'm not, and I really don't care what you think.

  • I've always had a weakness for boots on a girl. Winter or otherwise. :)

  • kinda remind me of the boots on pirates of the Caribbean... lol really I don't find those attractive. but if it goes with what you are wearing then its w/e

  • yea its cute as long as you have something to match them well with =)

  • OH YEAH. lolreally defines the leg haha, and I love legs :D

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