What color nail polish do you like on girls?

&girls what color do you like to wear


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  • i hate acrylic or long nails because they look gross and skanky and dirty (you don't what's collecting under the nails), so I like to keep my nails short, and paint them either bright red, navy blue, black, gold, or a nude colour. I prefer solid colours rather than those with glitter because glittery nails just look cheap. so I stick to those 5 solid colours. I like it plain & simple. oh and nailart looks ridiculous.


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  • pink

  • I hate nailpolish, its such a turn off, especially if nails were long, yuck! just make ur nails shine a little and keep them modest lenght, anything more than that makes you look like a nightclub girl. and its extremely trashy, might attract younger guys only.

    • Lol whatever. so a soft pink makes you a nightclub girl? lmao

    • Pink isn't that bad because its close to natural color, but black/blue/violet are really slutty... that's what I meant

    • I really like hot neon pink. its looks reallly good

  • Actually any color is pretty in it's own way. The thing is if the girl likes it it's good.


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  • I used to wear any color on my nails, from black to pink. But it chipped so easily that it started looking bad after the first day or two and I would have to take it off and redo it, and it became a hassle.

    So now I don;t wear polish on my fngernails, but I wear it on my toes. And I usually wear pink on my toes.

  • Name any colour, I used to wear it. I was quite obsessed with nail art too, and changed my design every couple days. Plus I had very long nails...

    To be honest, I think long nails in unnatural colours look a bit trashy now. I hate black, purple, blue, brown, green...

    I don't wear coloured nail polish anymore. I use topcoat to make my nails shine and I do a french manicure sometimes. If I had to pick a colour I'd wear pink. Red polish is really sexy for toes too.

  • toes: pink, gold

    finger nails: black, light silver, or gold.

    I don't like nail art and things like that. I try to keep them simple, but bold.