He talks to other people all the time, but not to me.

OK. So there's this guy at work who I think is absolutely adorable. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a big flirt, and usually make friends easily with guys. I've told a few of my friends at work about this crush I have on him and it took them totally by surprise. They said "he doesn't seem like your type". Again, anyone who knows me, knows that I am very attracted to nerdy, video game obsessed boys... which this guy is... But getting to the point... I've worked with him for about a year and I have comfortable and casual conversations with EVERYONE I work with, except for him. I just thought he was shy, but my friends from work always talk about how much of a chatterbox he is. I don't understand why he doesn't feel comfortable or doesn't feel the need to talk with me, but he never does, aside from the usual courtesies ("hello", "goodbye", "thank you", "you're welcome"). Sometimes, he even comes back to talk to us when we all have downtime and he seems totally comfortable and chatty with my friends, yet never utters a word to me (except "hello") and when it's just him and I, we don't come close to having a conversation. I know for a fact that I am intimidated by him because I don't want to sound like an idiot to him and this might be part of the reason why he doesn't talk to me. But is it possible that he is also intimidated by me? I've asked around and people seem to think that is possible, but I really sometimes just feel like he couldn't be bothered with me. And that totally bums me out because I pride myself on being down to earth, approachable, and even likable. Help!