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Why do some girls just want to be friends, after leading the guy on?

Okay, this female started to lead me on, even to the point where friends started to take notice. When I asking her where everything was leading up... Show More

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  • To be cliche, "she's just not into you." If a girl wants to be friends, it's because she doesn't see a romantic connection happening. I'm sure her intent wasn't to 'lead you on', she probably genuinely found you attractive and was open to the possibility of having something with you. But after going on a date or a few, she determined that you two didn't click in that certain way, which is ok. There are 5 billion people on the planet and plenty of options. Just because you felt a certain way didn't mean she felt the same thing. People are entitled to change their minds and do after dating, men and women alike as they have different criteria. That she wanted to be friends at least suggests that she does care about you and want you in her life in some way as opposed to not speaking with you again, so it's not a total rejection. It just means she's not romantically interested anymore.

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  • I was in the wedding of a girl who I really didn't like all that much just to spare her feelings. I shelled out close to 300 bucks to "be a nice person."

    Sometimes stuff like this isn't about a girl being scheming, its genuinely about trying to be kind and caring even when we don't like a person the way the like us. If she likes you as a human, she might think she can be friendly and perhaps one day even set you up with some other nice girl she knows.

  • like faberfan said, she probably thought you two would better off be friends.

    sometimes you find a person appealing at first glance,

    then you start to get to know the real them

    and realize something that makes you think whether they will be friends or more or nothing at all.

    you can't say this hasn't happen to you at some point in life.

  • Well, I've done this before I have to admit, but it's not my fault! I used to like my friend and one day we kissed and my crush for him just died. I don't know it was weird but I just didn't like him anymore after that.

  • They don't mean to lead you on, by leading you on they're trying to figure out if they like you or not, and when you ask they've realized they don't like you in that way.

  • Well some girls just want attentionn... and they like having a lot of guys after them.. but maybe she just wanted to be friends cause sometimes it happens.. like I just want to be friends with guys but they want more.. so it depends..

    Hope I helpedd

  • Hahahaha, "this female". Nice. We change our minds too quickly. You gotta make sure this girl's hooked on for a real thing and not a quickie.

  • Hmmm. Either she honestly just wants to be friends with you and just flirts like this with all of friends or she not sure what she wants from you yet. Maybe she hasn't decided if your the right type of guy for her yet or she really wants you to make the first move.

  • I think, honestly, some women just enjoy the attention. Knowing a guy likes you like that can be invigorating at times. Sorry if we give the wrong vibe from time to time, though :(

  • Ive unfortunatwely done it before. she wants her options open

  • Girls tend to lead guys on by mistake. If she was flirting with you, it doesn't always mean she's interested. I think she just wanted someone to talk to. But also she might have liked you but her feelings have changed, it happens all the time.

  • I hate girl's like this I have a friend that's got 6 men going on and each one of them think that she loves them, well I think it's disgusting behavior not just for woman but I've known blokes to do this as well, there is only one guy I will ever lead on at any given time but only in a suttle way of course don't want him thinking I'm desperate for his attention you know ha ha. But I wouldn't do it if I had no attention of following through with my actions.

  • girls are jerks ! I have a friend who leads on guys and doesn't notice... so yeah some girls are mean and some just don't notice.

  • This is gonna sound like I'm a horrible person but I knew what I was doing when I would lead guys on. I didn't want them to like anyone else! It was about me! When I'd give them attention I'd be their focus. Who doesn't love attention

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  • Some girls are like this. It's a sad thing, when any guy or girl does this. But if she's not pursuing anything romantically with you, I'd suggest you just move on. You can keep her as a friend if you want, but she's really not worth holding onto for future romantic interest.

  • Attention I think.

    I had a girl resting her head on my shoulder. She must have done it about 4 times in one night. Then she says a few hours later, (because she "knows" I hate it when people flirt to be mean or flirt when there's no interest) "I haven't flirted with you in a couple of months!"

  • Faberfan said it best - unless you're also interested in her on a friendship level, I'd think it was best to move on.

  • Maybe she liked you at one point, but realized you'd make better friends, so she tries to spring it on you.

    It happens to all of us, females included. Your best bet is probably to reject the friendship, unless of course you are optimistic, then you could accept it and just hope something happens some day.

  • same thing happened to me a while back. Girl lead me on, got physical, got attached and then boom! OH I want to be just friends, but your my best friend. Complete and total bullsh*t. Just move on man, save yourself some heartache and drop her.

  • Lol she was testing to see if she could get you (I know a lot of girls that do this). I'm guessing that you invested too much interest in her and, as a result, she lost interest in you. Now that she knows you like her, there's a strong possibility that she'll try and string you along. You have to resist her, and move on to the next girl. This could even possibly put you in a better light with her and make her see she's not your only option...girl's love competition.

  • A little word of advice: If you're interested in dating a girl, it's a bad idea to start off in the "friend zone" because chances are, that's right where you'll stay. I'm sure you've heard the old saying, "If you want a friend, be a friend." It's true, you will be a friend. Just a friend. If you want to date someone however, you should let her know that right up front. Worst case scenario, she rejects your advances...but at least you won't have wasted an untold amount of time and effort chasing something you'll likely just have to watch some other guy snag up, because he had the foresight to just ask her out.

  • I have some friends that do this. They're just being friendly.. sometimes flirty friendly. Just don't get the wrong idea unless the girl actually say she's interested in you.

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