Why do some girls just want to be friends, after leading the guy on?

Okay, this female started to lead me on, even to the point where friends started to take notice. When I asking her where everything was leading up to, she said just friendship, pardon my french, but what the hell?


Most Helpful Girl

  • To be cliche, "she's just not into you." If a girl wants to be friends, it's because she doesn't see a romantic connection happening. I'm sure her intent wasn't to 'lead you on', she probably genuinely found you attractive and was open to the possibility of having something with you. But after going on a date or a few, she determined that you two didn't click in that certain way, which is ok. There are 5 billion people on the planet and plenty of options. Just because you felt a certain way didn't mean she felt the same thing. People are entitled to change their minds and do after dating, men and women alike as they have different criteria. That she wanted to be friends at least suggests that she does care about you and want you in her life in some way as opposed to not speaking with you again, so it's not a total rejection. It just means she's not romantically interested anymore.