Do women take offense when a guy cracks gay jokes?

Especially when its your boyfriend or someone you have an interest in?


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  • Yes, I would be offended by that, just as I'd be offended by sexist or racist jokes. The 'it's a joke' excuse just doesn't wash: those comments show an ignorant and bigoted attitude that stereotypes and degrades people. And that's just not attractive in the slightest.

    Plus, how do you know that the girl you like doesn't have a gay relative? You could be making a joke against a favourite uncle, or a brother.


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  • I don't think it's very mature to joke about someone's sexual orientation, along with race or something that can be so personal to someone. I can tell you my husband is quite the joker, and someone everyone absolutely loves and he makes everyone laugh and he steers clear of jokes like that because he knows it's low class. You can still make people laugh without being crude.

  • as long as there's not a gay person around who can hear its fine. its a joke. but I wouldn't want to hurt anyones feelings. like I wouldn't make a fat person joke with a fat person in the room its just not nice. I love everyone a joke is just a joke its nots supposed to make any one feel sad. so just be careful who you say it in front of.

  • it depends on who the girl is. some girls are uptight, whereas others have more of a sense of humor. like, me personally, it takes a lot to offend me or make me feel uncomfortable. but iot just might be her fault she's uncomfortable because if I'm ever uncomfortable,ill open my mouth and say something

  • It makes me think lower of him. Making gay jokes just makes him look ignorant, and if he was really homophobic I would probably think maybe he's a latent homosexual himself. Why do people make jokes about people who are different from them anyway? Half the time they are corny anyway. If you have to use those kind of jokes maybe you're not so witty in the first place?


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  • I only use crude jokes around my closest friends and they usually join in but in any social setting where their is someone who isn't in our close circle, we'll tone down the jokes to be more PC.

  • Anyone with even a decent emotional-intelligence can tell the difference between a joke and an insult. Personally, if I couldn't tell a joke to my own girlfriend without her getting all PC on me then that would be a turn off. I've told gay jokes/remarks to my sister's gay friends and they laughed, and I've been in interracial relationships where we made fun of our stereotypes too, and we didn't get mad and break up...and I've also called my fat friends fat (and joked about their big titties), etc.

    • Oh and I've told a Cuban friend to go roll me a cigar, and I've told my red-head friend that he looks like an orangutan, and I've pointed to a picture of the Atlanta Braves Indian head and told my Native-American friend it was his uncle, and when my Irish friend used to get mad at me I'd say "what are you gonna do, shoot me with your potato gun?" lol ....and they all call me Rocky and make fun of Italians

  • Only the PC-type you don't want anyway

  • I think that they would be stupid to be offended by something like that since its just a joke after all.