When a girl says you are adorable?

What does it mean when a girl says you are adorable? Is it good or bad.


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  • yeah the guy I like is super adorable , although lke "the godfather" said.. being a man is much better. if I'm gonna have sex with this guy I don't want to think of him as adorable.. I wanna think of him as hot & sexy. just make sure you show her your more mature side =)


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  • It's almost exactly the same as cute, which is a good thing. I disagree with thegodfather though, men can be adorable :)

  • Ok, first of all GUYS lol, if I say your adorable it doesn't in any way imply you are not manly lol

    You can be both, in fact, its actually better to be both,

    Adorable, if I say that it means really really cute and just great all over, like Looks, personality, everything, its (for me) like I like the "whole" you. Hmm, Yeah its always good unless she's like 50 and your 20 lol then its bad, then its like "little boy cute" lol. So yeah its a major compliment if a girl will call you that. Be happy! :)

  • I think its a positive comment. Is she older than you? If she is older than you then it's probably not that great.

  • 99% of the time, bad bad bad bad. unless you only want her friendship but I doubt it.

    but I have some friends that call guys I say are cute or hot--and they agree--adorable. also if a guy does something wayyy nice or sweet, it can be called adorable and itll be a good thing

  • It's a good thing, but it also depends on what you were doing that made her say it. A guy can be both adorable and sexy - just not at the same time.

  • BAD: I know when me and my friends say a guy is "adorable", we think he's like...puppy-adorable-cute...not "OMG, that guy is sooo cute!"...

    GOOD: "adorable" could also mean you're a sweet guy, which is very appealing on a a guy... so I think it depends on what the context is...

  • Personally, I say it to guys I like and guys I do not have any romantic interest in. I would not rule out either option until you know her behavior better and can safely say that she is only saying it because _____.


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  • It's good.

    But being manly is definitely on the opposite side of being adorable.

    And being a man is good.

    Girls like men.

  • well adorable is of course a compliment but not a great base (too nice).

    at least she got the message you like her.

  • It's great it means she's really into you. I think it's one step further then cute actually...