Why are girls so ridiculously shallow?

Girls have life so easy. All they have to do is be skinny and average looking and they won't have to worry about having sex tonight. But guys, we have to be skinny + muscular + tall + good looking to land said average girl.I was downstairs in my dorm just a bit ago, I went to ask some random dude a quick, simple question and the two girls he was with just stared at me and frowned. I guess I was up to their "standards" so how dare I show my face in front of them? Let alone talk to someone in the vicinity of them.What is wrong with girls?


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  • Well, obviously you are in a mood and probably not up to debating this, but girls don't have it so easy. Neither do guys. I had a guy comment to me on a date a few months ago that girls had it so easy because we can have sex anytime we want. I thought his comment was so funny because, yes, if we wanted the things a lot of young guys want, I guess we would have it easy. But we don't. We are not out looking for an easy lay. We are out looking for a boyfriend or a relationship nine times out of ten. And, you guys definitely do not make our lives easy when it comes to that. So, instead we have to navigate the sea of guys looking for their next f**k or putting up with the idiots that actually think we are ever so happy to have them call us here and there looking for sex without any regard to our feelings.So, when you wonder why you have to work so hard to land said average looking girl, it is because girls are trying not to get "landed". Yes, perhaps the particularly good looking male can pull tail, true, but over time most girls wise up to even that. Most girls tire of being treated like nothing more than a glorified sex toy and will be looking elsewhere for a guy who is really in to them and wants a relationship.

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  • well.. people have so many steryotypes (spellcheck)for girls.. guys are a bunch of douche bag sex addicts..and for guys, girls are a bunch of shallow ass snobby whores.but ill just say this partner... when you find that girl whos not shallow.. not a whore.. and not a snob... ya better hold on to her. cus she'll leave ur ass.excuse my boldness. no offense given. just my personality.hope this helps.

  • Sure, there are girls that only care about the superficial stuff but for MOST part I know a lot more guys that are shallow! Girls are much more willing to forgive flaws in a guy after they get to know them rather than guys. Guys seem to write off girls pretty quickly for petty things. Even when they're less attractive than the girl!

    • It's about the same. Girls are just allowed to be more shallow.

  • It is not that easy for girls to be good looking let me tell ya. It's easy for you as a guy to say that since you have never been a girl and have never had to go to the lengths we do. I'm not trying to be a bitch, I'm just saying.Girls have to be skinny. It is not easy for most women to be skinny. There are a small minority of girls who were blessed with a fast metabolism and tiny frame. The rest of us have to work very hard at it. We can't eat good tasting foods and basically have to live at the gym, I know I do. I have a large muscular frame and I tend to put on weight easy so being skinny is one of the hardest things for me. But I have to maintain that standard size or else guys won't even look at me and I will have no chance. A recent study came out that said 3 out of 4 American women have some form of disordered eating. That should tell you something right thereAverage looking? Ha! Not when there are so many beautiful girls around and the standard bar has been set way high by the media..average doesn't cut it anymore.I think many more guys are shallow because I always hear guys talking sh*t about girls and putting them down for looks. It can be a not-so good looking guy but somehow he feels as if he is entitled to 10s and puts girls down that don't meet the media standard even if she is not hideous and has some good qualities. Girls are more likely to give an average guy a chance if he has a good personality.Girls that only want the shallow douchebag pretty boys are often the female versions of them. The permanently tan preppy sorority girls. Is that the kind of girl you want? If so then aren't you the shallow hypocrite.

    • Ok, that's nice to know :)

    • Sorry I mistyped I meant they ARENT high. lol your standards are fine

    • Wait, my standards are high? Wanting a girl that takes care of herself is high standards? I didn't say she had to be under 120 pounds with a face of a super model.....

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  • the girls who are bitches are that way because they don't like themselves. I'm not shallow but I am hesitant to date guys. . Life's not easy on us ether girls are mean to girls they find your one flaw and use it. I'm good looking and I can tell you right now half the men who are nice to me just want in my pants and the ugly girls talk a lot of crap. Your rite most girls are sallow but their are some who arnt and if your truly nice to the good ones and not just trying to score you'll meet someone who is beautiful inside and out. try to remember mean is a defense from getting hurt sometimes us good girls are afraid of getting hurt no matter what you look like. remember this!girls sleep with you on the first date and their sluts but if you do it you rock.girls are expected to look act smell and smile perfect. your expected to be under 200 pds. who has it harder?

  • Maybe it would help if you weren't concerned about landing that girl to have sex. Saying that girls only have to be average or skinny is an understatement. Things vary on the guy and the girl. Girls will go for any kind of guy, depending on their personality. Because your personality has a lot to do with how we percieve you. A really good personality can make a guy seem really cute. A bad personality can make a great looking guy look like scum. Unless he can't get anything else, then he'll go for the average girls. It's easier for guys to be skinny and whatnot. Girls have to work harder at that.And guys give off vibes. And again, from the post it seems like you're concerned with sex. We can sense that.However, if the girls you are hitting on are skanks who only want sex, maybe you shouldn't waste your time with them. Find a nice girl. Don't you ever watch MANswers? Party girls are actually the worst in bed because they think they're the sh*t and all they have to do is lay there. Smart girls, the best.

    • "The vast majority of men are not particularly attractive"? My point exactly.

    • You're the guy with the asperger's syndrome, aren't you? Rainbows, don't eve try, it's this guy's disorder which makes him this disagreeable, you can't even blame him if he's the guy I think he is.but PS, it's a lot easier for guys to stay in shape if they don't over eat. guys have better metabolisms so for girls it's often a real struggle to stay an acceptable size.

    • Most girls are willing to look past those things. They don't give a sh*t. The vast majority of men are not particularly attractive. That is a fact of life that most women are able to deal with. You clearly have some deep-seated psychological issues with women, though, so I don't even know why I'm bothering to try to reason with you. You need to see a psychiatrist, or something.

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  • girls can be bitches. but you being a sourpuss will only make things worse. just because those girls might have made faces at you (which I doubt) doesn't mean all girls are that conceited.

    • Makes sense. But these girls were the tall athletic type, meaning they had a nice body but average looking faces. So they really had no right to be that conceited,.

  • Um, guys are, in general, waaaaay more shallow than girls are, in general. Guys care way more about looks than girls. That is a known fact, and I'm sure the majority of people will back me up on this. Like Ivarei said, I'm sure you were imagining things. Unless you're grotesquely ugly, I doubt they made those faces at you just because of your appearance. In fact, it's entirely possible that they didn't even make them because of you, at all.

    • @sammyangel9991: Are you serious? You are trying to tell me that girls are less shallow than guys, but in the same paragraph you write ". In fact, the majority of the guy population is average looking or less than and tons of them have girlfriends."Are you kidding? You and the other female who said the same thing are just proving my point.

    • You obviously have NO confidence when it comes to girls. If you don't have confidence, girls will see right through it and be turned off by it. If your mentality is that girls just won't talk to you unless you look like a greek god, you basically make that assertion true because girls will be able to tell that you are thinking "oh I'm just not good enough for her" and be completely turned off and not give you a second glance.

    • Not true at all. I see pretty girls ALL THE TIME with average guys who are not perfect 10s. And girls will talk to pretty much any guy. They don't have to be hot for us to talk to them. I talk to average guys ALL the time. In fact, the majority of the guy population is average looking or less than and tons of them have girlfriends. If this was true, all the average or less than average guys would be single but that's not the case. Your mentality is off when it comes to this and

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  • i think you're imagining things. I highly doubt those girls frowned because of how you look. maybe you walked into the room looking really sullen and unhappy so they looked at you and weren't too excited. and also, girls are no more shallow than guys. in fact, guys place more importance on the way a girl looks than visa versa. not all girls want tall skinny guys lol. just like not all guys want big boobed blondes. it's just a misconception that everyone has these unbreakable standards. stop feeling sorry for yourself because I can guarantee that it's your sad attitude that's more unattractive than your appearance. so fix your attitude and maybe next time the girls won't frown at you.

    • I agree with Ivarei. Girls are probably put off by your hideously ugly personality, not your hideously ugly body.Why the f*** did you put quotations around "misogynist", which, by the way, you misspelled?

    • Guys with your personality are utterly unattractive REGARDLESS how that they look like. you could look like Zac Effron but with your personality you might as well look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. girls are giving you dirty looks because you want girls to give you dirty looks so you can go on feeling sorry for yourself. you bask in this idea that girls are unfair to you. GROW UP!P.S. I prefer average guys, they're usually better people than the "hotties"

    • @ Rainbows: Maybe I wouldn't be so "misgyonist" if ninety percent of women weren't shallow, evil beyotches. Not once have I had a girl. Have I tried? Yes. But she always goes running to the tall, deutchbag pretty boy. I bet, based upon looks, height, and build, 70% of women would say NO to me without hesitation. I am average looking at best, but fat chicks give me dirty looks when they catch my eyes. How dare you say men are more shallow?? Please, women get off your high horse!

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  • A lot of younger ladies in their early to mid 20's are super extremely shallow as in the ever so dreaded "list". Men would rather puke than hear a lady say she has this "list" of demands. Yeah lists for both men and women are great but what makes men pi**ed is the women that have the extremely long list of superficial BS crap. He has to be this and this and this and he better have this and better do that, he must be a minimum of 6' tall even though she's all of 5'. She then gives complete BS answers when someone asks her why not date a guy that is shorter than 6' but will still be yes taller than her even with her high heels. Women can never ever ever give a straight answer about women's totally shallow completely pathetically overly obsessed with men's height. They always give the stupidest answers about wanting men's height if you want to even call it an answer as in (Um I don't know I just like height, um I don't know I want him to be taller than me when I wear my high heels (um yeah her being all of 5' and he 5'8, 5'9, 5'10) obviously common sense that he will obviously still be taller than her with her heels. Height is absolutely such, such a small part. If she's overly obsessed with men's height (as in she refuses or demands that he be 6'+++) tall even though she's SHORT, she has ISSUES.

  • I think both genders are equally shallow, but it just seems easier for girls because us guys almost all the time have to be go-getters, like we have to be the initiators, we have to be the ones to do the pursuing and chasing, making the first move, and all the other moves before any potential date/relationship, or a one-night stand. For girls, everything, or just about everything just comes to them, they don't have to go looking for it literally.

  • My ex girlfriend was never hot, never had friends, nothing. She is an ugly duckling turned swan. I am a good looking guy, but I'm a little chubby. So little miss shallow is hot now, and gets all this attention from guys and on her Facebook, so she thinks she deserves someone better looking. She's no supermodel, and she's not anywhere close to being the hottest of her group of new friends. But in her head, she thinks she's a goddess. After several years of a strong loving relationship, I see her out she looks at me with his "ew I dated you fat p.o.s. for years" type look. It hurts. She clearly forgot where she came from, who got her noticed, who gave her confidence, and she will fall on her little face soon enough.

    • I am absolutely heartbroken still. Crushed. My self-esteem is so bad now. She's out living the dream. I loved her so much....

    • I'm so sorry. Women suck.

  • Your mad dumb lmao..i mean I know alotta shallow girls, but I have way more shallow guy friends...girls will talk 2 guys if there ugly...and as long as you have a good personality your good..ur argument is that girls are shallow, when in fact girls should be asking why guys are shallow

  • Why are you? Some, yes. All, no.

  • What if the girl isn't skinny and average looking? What to do then?Girls often have it more difficult since they are being judged much harder when it comes to their body and looks. In reality all a man needs to be successful with women is average looks and a high self esteem and confidence. Many guys are fooled to believe that they need good looks, a fancy car or a million dollars. All you need is to feel like a million dollars.Really, this is the truth. And if you stop worrying about "having sex tonight" I promise you will become more successful.

    • Finally, a guy with some clarity! you realize we're not looking for the guy with the biggest d*** or the buffest body. we like average guys with A+ personalities!

    • Well, around my campus there must be a lot of exceptions then....

    • There is always exeptions to the rule...

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