Why are girls so ridiculously shallow?

Girls have life so easy. All they have to do is be skinny and average looking and they won't have to worry about having sex tonight. But guys, we have to be skinny + muscular + tall + good looking to land said average girl.

I was downstairs in my dorm just a bit ago, I went to ask some random dude a quick, simple question and the two girls he was with just stared at me and frowned. I guess I was up to their "standards" so how dare I show my face in front of them? Let alone talk to someone in the vicinity of them.

What is wrong with girls?


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  • Well, obviously you are in a mood and probably not up to debating this, but girls don't have it so easy. Neither do guys.

    I had a guy comment to me on a date a few months ago that girls had it so easy because we can have sex anytime we want. I thought his comment was so funny because, yes, if we wanted the things a lot of young guys want, I guess we would have it easy. But we don't. We are not out looking for an easy lay. We are out looking for a boyfriend or a relationship nine times out of ten. And, you guys definitely do not make our lives easy when it comes to that. So, instead we have to navigate the sea of guys looking for their next f**k or putting up with the idiots that actually think we are ever so happy to have them call us here and there looking for sex without any regard to our feelings.

    So, when you wonder why you have to work so hard to land said average looking girl, it is because girls are trying not to get "landed". Yes, perhaps the particularly good looking male can pull tail, true, but over time most girls wise up to even that. Most girls tire of being treated like nothing more than a glorified sex toy and will be looking elsewhere for a guy who is really in to them and wants a relationship.

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      Yeah but the women that I've encountered usually take advantage of guys who may seem a little average physically but treat women with the up most respect. However, she won't give a guy that's tall, athletic, and good-looking as much of a challenge. All they have to do is sweet talk her, show off their body, and boom the woman is head over heels and dropping her panties. The only time those women began to be more cautious and careful is when they've got dumped or cheated on by more than 5-6 guys that fulfilled their sexual desires.