Beside looks, what kind of personality do guys like best?

this question is just for the guys:

what kind of personality do you like in a girl? I get that if a girl is pretty or you find her attractive, you will want to get to know her more I guess. but what do you want her to be like when you actually talk to her? shy? funny? tomboyish? flirty?

thanks guys. xo

I didn't mean that I would change for a guy lol. I was just wondering. I hear my guy friends talk about how a girl is hot but she's a bitch or another 1 is hot but she's too quiet. I was just wondering what guys like their girl to be like. shy? funny
guys, please don't just look at this question. I want to know what you think =]


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  • funny ,tomboyish ,flirty.

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      Dont downrate me bitch

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