Beside looks, what kind of personality do guys like best?

this question is just for the guys:

what kind of personality do you like in a girl? I get that if a girl is pretty or you find her attractive, you will want to get to know her more I guess. but what do you want her to be like when you actually talk to her? shy? funny? tomboyish? flirty?

thanks guys. xo

I didn't mean that I would change for a guy lol. I was just wondering. I hear my guy friends talk about how a girl is hot but she's a bitch or another 1 is hot but she's too quiet. I was just wondering what guys like their girl to be like. shy? funny
guys, please don't just look at this question. I want to know what you think =]


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  • I like shy girls that are really funny when ya get to know them.

    Because they don't really complain about random things that are wrong with them like their hair etc.. At the same time drama is usually at a minimum and shy girls always appear to handle themselves better in the world. Also they have a very gentle touch that drives me insane.

  • if I'm flirting with a girl and joking/teasing her I like when she returns it, then it's fun. If you don't it can be boring. On a deeper character level, I like her to be a sweet nice person. If you have a good character at your core, it shows in all other areas of your life. If you are passionate about something in your life, even if it's not something the guy himself is into, that is incredibly attractive and will make guys admire your passion.

  • confident but not coincided. she has to be smart, funny, playful,honest, and know how to handle her money instead of a compulsive shopaholic.

  • Varies from guy to guy, me personally I like the witty/honest one liner girls.

  • I'm attracted to hot girls with brains.

    Basicly a challenging girl. Who doesn't fall for the typical tricks.

    She knows what she wants. She values family and friendship highly. And has a good heart.

  • Not too much drama, genuinely nice, curious, makes me laugh, smart, affectionate

    and is direct ( when I mean direct I mean no pussyfooting. E.g. If I annoy her she tells me straight out that I'm annoying. If she likes me she should be direct about it. I just don't have the mindreading ability that's all), she should have opinions so even if I don't agree with her I would still learn.


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  • I like a girl named marin grabill she is sweet kind funny and caring. I'm a guy not girl no offence I got kicked out before it's not fun. Booooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo

  • Omigod! Are you serious? You look pretty. You don't need to be so desperate that you would change your personality to attract guys. That is incredibly lame.

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    • She seems young and immature, but she doesn't deserve to date jerks. She needs to get a clue. The questions she is asking on this site so far are only getting responses from people like you. You seem plastic and kind of a jerk. I hope she realizes how she is coming across to people. The normal people are totally going to be scared away from her because of her clueless questions.