If a girl likes you but you don't like her, what do you do?

If a girl likes you and you don't like her, what would be the smart thing to do?


We haven't done anything yet as in kissing

and she wants to hang out so I suggested that we all hang out as friends, We are going to hang out in a week or two (because we have to study finals )

Thanks guys What I just did was it was her and her friend and another guy so then the girl who likes me went in his car and it was her friend in my car so then me and her friend were talking about our past relationships and then I told her
"I don't really like anyone right now" and then when we got to the restaurant and were waiting for the food the ladies went to the bathroom and talked and then that was that; she doesn't really talk to me as much


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  • Set the mood to something regarding friends instead of relationships.

    - "Thanks your a great study partner" (instead of) "I really enjoyed the time, thank you".

    - Let her study by herself (instead of) studying off of the same textbook with her

    - Tell her upfront that you feel this is going somewhere that you don't want (intead of) sitting back and not doing anything

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      Like I said ArtistBboy is the man

      and his word is law

      so BA goes you brah

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      I think that's what everyone does on this site when they ask a "real" question (not one about how to give a bj for the millionth time, or asking are my boobs to big or that kick me in the balls NJ guy)

      like I think no one ever listens to strictly one user/person, cause no one really knows ur situation until you walked a mile in their shoes


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      Too true man - and that was hilarious about the NJ "guy"!!

      It seems you hit the nail on the head, about the average topics. haha