If a girl likes you but you don't like her, what do you do?

If a girl likes you and you don't like her, what would be the smart thing to do?


We haven't done anything yet as in kissing

and she wants to hang out so I suggested that we all hang out as friends, We are going to hang out in a week or two (because we have to study finals )

Thanks guys What I just did was it was her and her friend and another guy so then the girl who likes me went in his car and it was her friend in my car so then me and her friend were talking about our past relationships and then I told her
"I don't really like anyone right now" and then when we got to the restaurant and were waiting for the food the ladies went to the bathroom and talked and then that was that; she doesn't really talk to me as much


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  • Set the mood to something regarding friends instead of relationships.

    - "Thanks your a great study partner" (instead of) "I really enjoyed the time, thank you".

    - Let her study by herself (instead of) studying off of the same textbook with her

    - Tell her upfront that you feel this is going somewhere that you don't want (intead of) sitting back and not doing anything

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    • Like I said ArtistBboy is the man

      and his word is law

      so BA goes you brah

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    • I think that's what everyone does on this site when they ask a "real" question (not one about how to give a bj for the millionth time, or asking are my boobs to big or that kick me in the balls NJ guy)

      like I think no one ever listens to strictly one user/person, cause no one really knows ur situation until you walked a mile in their shoes


    • Too true man - and that was hilarious about the NJ "guy"!!

      It seems you hit the nail on the head, about the average topics. haha

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  • You handled that well. I am in both situations right now. One guy just want to 'be friends" and one who is just high-drama, high maintenance and in the midst of a messy break-up acts like I'm the one... no thanks! I had to push Mr. "Just friends" to say where he was at since he was acting like he was in a relationship without being open with me, so that's now over... you sound much younger but much wiser, kinder, more fair and more mature. And I was honest with the other person -that I was interested in someone else and even though I'm not sure where that's going, it doesn't seem like things would work out for us. He appreciated my honesty and we are friends.

    You've probably avoided a lot of drama in your life by being honest but being caring enough to not hurt others.

    • Yea that's how I like to live my life be honest but care enough so that I still think of them and make sure no one gets hurt because I'm a strong believer in karma and when my time comes where I like a girl but she doesn't like me, I hope I get the same treatment but as we all know life almost never happens according to plan.

      Thanks! btw

      p.s. Do you think its a positive trait for me to be wiser and mature at my age? or is it a turn off?

    • Those are definitely positive traits. Being someone who is respected and respectful are very powerfully attractive. Think of those you respect who you consider to be stand up guys, see how they come across to others and you will see what I mean.

  • If I liked a guy, and he doesn' t like me then I would appreciate him being honest about it and keeping it at friendship and not leading me on. so that is something you should think about so that you don't seem like you're into her when you actually arent. but do remain friends

  • Act normal, don't flirt with her and don't be in physical contact with her. If she flirts, don't flirt back. Tell her that you have a guy friend you'd love to introduce her to. If she comes right out and says she wants to be with you, politely decline.

    • PERFECT answer. Treat others how you wish to be treated. +1

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    • He is the law giver.

      Judge Dredd.

    • Hahaha, that was awesome QA, thanks man. I just got a humongous smile

  • If you don't like her, tell her. It's best to be completely honest. But if you still want to be friends with her, let her know that too. But try not to lead her on, that will just end up badly.

  • Honesty is the best policy. Let her know how much you value her friendship, but that you only see her in the way- strictly platonic. But here's the important part... don't falter in where you draw the line. I had a guy say this to me once, but then would kiss me, hold my hand, get jealous of other guys, and invite me to stay and hold me all night. It was confusing, and gave me false hope. Completely unhealthy emotionally.

    So don't do that to her, but let her know in a *nice* way that you don't share romantic feelings for her. It'll hurt her, but in the end she'll be better off.

    Best of luck!

    • This guy that 'kissed you etc. Did he know how you felt about him? Did you tell him you wanted to be more? Did you know how he felt about you at the time? I am asking, because I a like that with this guy I like but I am leaving soon. I told him I don't want more complication... He says he is worried about getting attached , but I am not sure if he just feels the NEED to say that, I mean like he is supposed to , or he should be worried or I should be worried - & it IS confusing. Thanks

  • Treat her just as if you were friends nothing more, and if she did ask you just tell her your into someone else but be nice with it. :)

  • whatever you do, don't just tell her "i don't want a relationship right now." because then she'll just keep waiting until you do want one. tell her that you don't want HER as a girlfriend. you might think it's harsh, but trust me, it's wayyy better for the girl in the long run. I know from experience.

  • has she told you she likes you? then I would tell her you don't have feelings for her but that you'd love to be her friend or whatever... just be honest? I don't see what's complicated.

  • I think you should just tell her, don't lead her on or anything, its better that you tell her now than wait cause you might end up hurting her in a way that you didn't want to happen

  • i think that if she trys to like flirt with you are hug you and be all touchy feely you should just pull her aside and tell her you just want to be friends

  • Do you know for sure that she likes you more than as a friend or do you just think so?

    If you're sure then don't lead her on! Be friendly. Don't touch her (no hugging, holding hands, playing with her hair, even getting something off her shirt). That sounds mean but just dont. Trust me. Also call her nice and tell her how great it is to have her as a friend. Stress the friend part.

    Hope that helps : )

  • Well let her down gentl, and don't give her any mixed signals. So yea just tell her you just want to be friends.

  • Honesty! but if you like her as a friend I would still chill with her. I would go in a big group because it would less likely for y'all to be alone which puts the pressure on you to be with her. Also pay attention to her but also her friends. And if she takes you away from the group makesure you make it clear that you are friendss

  • I would say the best thing would be to tell her nicely that you do not have those kind of feelings for her. And if you don't want to do that...then at least don't lead her on and then ignore her...it will give her false hope but it also hurts a lot...


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  • You should talk about girls who you do like to her, it seems abit mean... you know sort of waving it in her face. But she will realise you like other girls and that she has to move on. I've had friends who liked me alot, I had to tell them about girls I liked so they knew wasn't really open for anything and they did move on and get over it. It might seem harsh, but in retrospect its the fair thing to do, otherwise its leading her on.

  • Well. At least you were up front with her. You did the honorable thing. Job well done young man. Keep that kind of behavior up and you'll make a fine example of a man before you know it!

    I'd be proud to call you mister.

  • You can tell her that you are not the best guy for her.She deserve more better than you.

    Or call your virtual girlfriend(lies).lol


  • Give her the f*** of her life. Then keep f***ing her until you get tired of her.

    • Lol. someone is gonna live alone forever. ah hahahaha

    • LOL I'm married and tonight I'm giving my hot wife the f*** of her life! I guess I'll keep f***ing her until I get tired of her...which will be never.