Why are some women so insecure?

Why are some girls so insecure? My brother's wife is beautiful and everything but she can't stop complaining about her body. Could you explain?


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  • Sometimes it isn't insecurity at all. Sometimes it is realistic. It is acknowledging the fact that, while we may be beautiful, we can still be MORE beautiful. There is always room for improvement when humans are involved because no one is perfect. She is merely acknowledging the gap. It is very American to strive for more - to be the best. Women come by it honestly. A parallel question could be, why are some boys so insecure that they feel the need to put other men down (telling them they have a smaller penis, calling them a fag)? It's the same problem, it just presents itself differently: when women are insecure, they degrade themselves; whereas, when men are insecure, they degrade other men to compensate (it's why you never here some one say: "SHE must be compensating for something") Also, while a man's ideal may be a confident women, we are socialized to be quiet, social creatures, which also requires us to be humble. Hence the reason why when around other women, we may put ourselves down while raising the other women on a pedestal. We are man's mirror. While men are always competing to be top dog, women have always been revered for their ability to submit (to be less than). Hope that made sense, and shed some light :)


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  • meh. not all women are.. but we are constantly comparing our selves to "Jessica alba" and her bod. its also hard to watch all the girls that look like her, are getting all the attention from guys. I no for my self I set standards for my self. so regardless of how nice you think someone looks. they will always be looking for something better. think about what would make you insecure?

  • that's a huge generalization. I'm not insecure and I'm not insecure.

    Insecurity sometimes comes from an abusive back ground or people who have not been supportive of her.

    But I wouldn't go as far as to judge all women as insecure - because if they all were like that, we wouldn't be in high ranking jobs in this common day society

  • We are like that because we like to hear compliments, well most of us do. Bringing ourselves down gives us a reason for guys to bring us up.

    • I hate when girls do that. It just makes me want to insult them not help them boost their confidence.

  • Some people complain about their body simply because they are not happy with it. Others don't have a person that cares about them to tell he/she that they look good. Sounds like your brother needs to tell his wife how beautiful she actually is every once in a while. She would love every minute of it, trust me.

  • I know I am insecure from all the men in the past knocking me down. After you hear something so many times you start to believe it. Also, look at all the pressure society puts on us women to be beautiful. I always feel if I am never "enough". Never thin enough, tall enough, sexy enough. Men just don't understand the pressure put on us and our looks.

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  • Sometimes we're so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings. =)

    • I agree with this as well--if we were able to concentrate on what is great about our lives we would worry less over insignificant details...

  • Its because of the media.

    - If that were the case, men would have the same problem, as magazines and movies and such portray loads of perfect male specimens.

    Also if men wanted someone perfect, they would go get someone they thought was perfect, but instead they chose you. Women also have their porn in the form of romance novels and soap operas, but you don't see men worrying that their SO will leave them for someone more like in the book they're reading or some character on TV.

    That's just what women are like.

    - cop out, that's like saying men are insensitive, that's just what we're like, but men can change and become more sensitive, and times show they are more so than they were 50 years ago.

    The real point is in most cases is worry and addiction to worrying and wanting a man to comfort you from your worry.

    I believe this comes from the fact that women are comforted as children when they cry and men are told to shake it off, be a man, and don't cry or you'll look like a sissy.

    It is hard and can teach men to be insensitive, but the opposite extreme is also wrong as it reinforces emotional immaturity and teaches that you will get something positive from your insecurities.

    It is not only a psychological disorder, but can be very taxing on relationships that already have real problems to deal with, only to have imaginary ones added to the mix.

    Also it's a self fulfilling curse, because people find confidence attractive and when you lack self confidence, you lose your appeal, and can eventually lose the other from insecurity. I believe this is one of the big reasons that relationships lose their spark in time, and why sex dies down when people live together.

    In the beginning women act confident and sexy to impress the guy they like and are more concerned with the getting together. After a couple are together and especially living together it seems is when the worry and accusations and expectations start. You then appear desperate, and needy and just annoying and the guy becomes less turned on by someone who acts like that, which only makes the woman more insecure that her guy is losing interest, all making a vicious circular downward spiral.

    It's not always the case, but in my experience it's more often than not.

    It's why I always go for good looking tomboys with no more than 5 pairs of shoes, and that liked hanging out with boys even when they were kids. Most are now gay, but the ones that aren't make great relationships and are fun and don't drive you crazy.

    • Men have insecurities too--penis size ( media related), body build and looks come to mind. We are ALL human with human frailties if you can't deal with feminine aspects or behavior then it may be wise not to date them because this probably will not change.

    • Men make penis enhancement and performance into a billion dollar industry--this is because they all buy the "media" hype that a woman want LONG DONG SILVER--believe me hun men have silly insecurities too--but unlike men, who are taught to ridicule human emotions, we try to make mates feel good about themselves despite this. I didn't know ONE MAN who didn't have what could be regarded as a silly insecurity, but I never made them feel small for it, something men like you could learn.

  • Common Ladies do you think men woudl be so Horney all the time if we realy didn't think you looked good. Read between the lines. And I've been in conversations with all guys before and it usualy is a complement session on how great all you girls look.

  • Well how I see it is as follows:

    Girls want to know that they are loved and cherished by men. But history hasn't been so kind to them, rather they were subordinated and humiliated by men. That created a skepticism towards men and all this insecurity of "Does he really like me? ", "Am I really good enough? " etc. Or will he only leave me for someone else as is expected in their minds already because they are insecure in the first place. It is an ingrained pattern in the woman of the world. But it is also very natural for a girl to want to look good for her man, not because she wants to know that she is the best, but rather to know that she can make him happy. So girls are actually doing all these things because they love men, and looks are very important to them, because looks is what attracts men physically. While men don't care about looks in a deeper way, but rather want to show affection and let the woman feel good, which in turn is what physically attracts women. So it is kind of a Jing-Jang effect - they fit together. But it takes sacrifice/ or rather acceptance and giving from both sides to make it work. In todays world all these things, natural and unnatural are all mixed up and confused and then you get what you get today.

    Let it rather be a compliment to you/ guys when she complains about her body rather than an irritation, because she is concerned about what you think and doing it for you after all.

    • God bless you brother--finally a man who gets it and understands!

    • Your a genius...honestly.

    • ;) Thanks...

      I just wish more girls would recognize that. I've been single for a decade now... But I've got to keep patient for just the right one.

  • It could be that she is missing the natural attention he should be getting from your brother and therefore complains about herself so that he will compliment her. It could also be that she is one of those non-stop whiny, spoiled girls who doesn't know anything else but to complain.

    • I would say me being kind of insecure well be from past guys hurting me