Why are some women so insecure?

Why are some girls so insecure? My brother's wife is beautiful and everything but she can't stop complaining about her body. Could you explain?


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  • Sometimes it isn't insecurity at all. Sometimes it is realistic. It is acknowledging the fact that, while we may be beautiful, we can still be MORE beautiful. There is always room for improvement when humans are involved because no one is perfect. She is merely acknowledging the gap. It is very American to strive for more - to be the best. Women come by it honestly. A parallel question could be, why are some boys so insecure that they feel the need to put other men down (telling them they have a smaller penis, calling them a fag)? It's the same problem, it just presents itself differently: when women are insecure, they degrade themselves; whereas, when men are insecure, they degrade other men to compensate (it's why you never here some one say: "SHE must be compensating for something") Also, while a man's ideal may be a confident women, we are socialized to be quiet, social creatures, which also requires us to be humble. Hence the reason why when around other women, we may put ourselves down while raising the other women on a pedestal. We are man's mirror. While men are always competing to be top dog, women have always been revered for their ability to submit (to be less than). Hope that made sense, and shed some light :)


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