My ex girlfriend dumped me. Why she acting this way?

My ex girlfriend dumped me 2 weeks ago, and our mutual friend told me that she still cares about but is still angry, so a week later I gave her a call? She did not pick up, so I went into a meeting for about an hour, during that hour I got 3 missed calls from her in a space of 45mins.

After the meeting I called her and she picked up and she asked why did you call me? I told because I wanted to talk to her, then she started being all emotional in her voice tone saying I told you to leave me alone, she kept going on and on and wasn't giving me a chance to talk so I hang up on her.

I sent her a text straight after telling her that I was okay with the breakup, but I still think about her and miss her. needless to say she didn't reply!

I need answers pple! I wanna hear yo thoughts!
Girls waiting for you to tell me what you think? guys keep it coming!
Really grateful to all the answers I got here!
im movin on people life is to short! went on a date last night but I'm taking it slow


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  • move on is a good idea.