Why do all girls call guys they're not attracted to 'creepy'?

Why is that?

Every single girl I see says that. What the f***? People who try to justify that bullsh*t are nothing more than bitches and whores. F*** THEM! Thanks guys for the responses.


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  • You my friend, just revealed the fundamental truth. Most girls that I met called me unattractive and creepy. The others just went out with me.

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    • Yeah, I have had the same experience - just substitute weirdo, ugly, short, etc for "creep" and you have it. Hell I've been called an "ugly gargoyle" whatever that is. I don't say these things about girls (or anyone else for that matter) and I don't know any guys who say these sorts of things about girls they don't like so I'm not sure where it comes from. I do know that girls who are younger really seem to get off on insults etc, maybe it has to do with their own insecurities.

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  • Lol! Ok, not all girls, just the ones your referring to apparently. My friends and I don't do stuff lie that. Creepy guys are the kind of guys you'd rather not be alone with anywhere or wouldn't want to come across in a dark alley. I personally think it's a little rude to just be calling anyone creepy, especially if you don't know them, for whatever reason. Some times people forget others have feelings and women can be caddy anyways towards men or women. Uggh! Thus, the majority of my friends were guys until I got married.

  • I don't!

    Sometimes I use jacka**, f*cktard, douchebag, d*ckhead, dirtbag, jerk, etc... LOL

    Other times, if they haven't been any of the above, or they seem like cool guys but I'm just not attracted for whatever reason, I just say that they were cool but the chemistry wasn't there.

    I don't call them creepy...unless they are creepy!

  • most of the time, I think, they know the guy has been kinda eyeballing them for a while. maybe he is shy and has not gotten the nerve up to talk to her, so he might be dropping hints and beating around the bush and she has already been on to him for some time. she may start to feel "stalked", hence the "creepy" reference. you know he's been "creeping around her" trying to figure out how to say hello and ask her out. I think a guy might lessen the chances of being called "creepy" if he takes a deep breath and just goes for it the sooner the better. the worst she can say is no, which is a little better than "creepy", :)! lol.

  • i don't. I call the guy I went out with just now a lying cheating douche which is so true and he's creepy too. his face is creepy.

  • Not all men that we don't want to date are creepy, but men know this...if we have said no the first time, take it as no and stop pursuing. These guys only get "creepy" when they can't take no for an answer and revert to stocker mode, makes us feel a little unsafe too.

    • Women never say no when they mean yes. EVER.

      Even when they say it with a smile and are looking at the guy in the crotch.

      And drooling.

      Women never say something different than what they mean.


      Its always true the first time.

      Women never play games either. or test a guys resolve to see if he will keep perusing.

      You are absolutely right.

    • If a womans maturity level is the issue, then why would you pursue her in the first place? Because that is exactly what your describing... a woman that isn't worth it.

    • True there are more girls than we can all get around to in a lifetime anyhow so if the vibe gets cold then bounce. Hell bounce even if it's going good just because you can.

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  • I actually know the answer to this.

    Pay attention...

    Each woman has radar that protects them from men. Dangerous men.

    She starts to develop this radar the moment she grow boobs and uncle Joe starts smiling at her a little too much. At a very young age girls will begin to notice the unwanted attention their bodies bring them. Moms, aunts, school, and movies help her to realize that much of this unrequested attention can lead to very real dangers - the most common being rape.

    This is why most women are incredibly empathic. They can read body language in a way most men can't.

    There are specific patterns of behaviors that women can pick up on that will help them to "mind read" any man who's interacting with her. She needs this skill to protect herself.

    Here are the most common: creepy, slimy, needy, boring, attractive.

    Guess which one's are good and which one's are bad?


    Creepy means she sense's you're unsafe and untrustworthy.

    If she's labeling you as creepy then here's what you're likely doing wrong:

    - Your eyes don't match your smile. This is the car sales man smile. It's fake. Being fake is creepy. Stop laughing and smiling if you don't really mean it. This tells her that she can't trust what you're saying because your body language is not trust worthy. She would rather you smirked if you didn't find her joke funny, instead of fake laughing.

    - You don't smile. This is the guy who's staring from across the room with such intensity that it's freaking her out. Perhaps in your head you're being serious and sexy, but instead you're being uncalibrated and creepy. This tells her that you're stalking her. Next time simply smile when you make eye contact. And make it a real smile.

    - You act like a player, pimp, mac daddy, cool guy, suave. But you're not. You're just acting. Like I said, women can sense when you're being fake. She'd rather you acted nervous and insecure than "too cool for school" because FAKE indicates you're hiding something.. this makes you seem dangerous and creepy.

    - You're coming onto her too strong. She's not a piece of meat and she knows when your only intention is to get something from her... likely approval and sex. If you're staring at her body the entire time like she's something you can take, buy, or steal, then you're being creepy.

    To avoid being creepy simply be honest, sincere, and fun.

    I hope this helps dude!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

    • "There are specific patterns of behaviors that women can pick up on that will help them to "mind read" any man who's interacting with her. She needs this skill to protect herself." - THIS x9000

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    • Women are like bloodhounds

    • bless this answer

  • i think its just girls being mean... :( just because you're a nice guy who would rather do his homework and learn about you and would rather do that than be AN ASSHOLE THAT MOST WOMEN WOULD LIKE

    DOESNT MEAN HES A CREEP. just say sorry I don't like you like that. you don't have to shoot him down and call him a creep!

    honestly I've seen bad boys do creepier sh*t but its ok because he's "hot"

    f*** that bull sh*t!

  • It's not so much the looks. It all depends on the personality. If a girl finds you creepy, she will do everything in her power to avoid you, which can sometimes be confused with nervousness about a first date or you asking her out. They are completely different things though!If a girl gives you the hint to "back off", then you should. If she talks to you, answers your texts, etc..then go for it. If she doesn't like you right now, feeling might develop in the future, just don't force her to like you. This way, she never will.

  • its massive double standards.

    If your "Hot" and do something (anything more or less) and a non-hot guy does the exact same thing, your cute and he's a creep. Its how you look, not what you do.

  • Girls are all evil and loving crushing a man's soul.

    Just kidding. "Creepy" is just a phrase a lot of people use these days in a general way. You might not necessarily give off a creepy vibe, but it's just a way of saying that she's not that into you.

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