Why do all girls call guys they're not attracted to 'creepy'?

Why do all girls call guys they're not attracted to 'creepy'? Why is that?

Every single girl I see says that. What the f***? People who try to justify that bullsh*t are nothing more than bitches and whores. F*** THEM! Thanks guys for the responses.

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  • You my friend, just revealed the fundamental truth. Most girls that I met called me unattractive and creepy. The others just went out with me.

    • Yeah, I have had the same experience - just substitute weirdo, ugly, short, etc for "creep" and you have it. Hell I've been called an "ugly gargoyle" whatever that is. I don't say these things about girls (or anyone else for that matter) and I don't know any guys who say these sorts of things about girls they don't like so I'm not sure where it comes from. I do know that girls who are younger really seem to get off on insults etc, maybe it has to do with their own insecurities.

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  • Because people are so f***ing mean to each other. I see so many girls calling guys douche bags, a**holes, and creeps and so many guys calling girls sluts, bitches, and whores. Not every person called these things are bad people. People just call others mean things because they a) want to look cool in front of others by putting someone down b) are insecure about themselves c) really sick of the person they're victimizing d) bitter.

    If a guy is constantly bothering a girl, though, he is being creepy.

  • I am not no whore or a bitch thank you very much. My answer is still the same. It's not our faults that you can't handle the truth. If you didn't want the truth why did you ask the question? And the guys have no idea why we say it because they are not WOMEN. Nothing to do if your attractive or not. If your a creep your a creep. Plain and simple. And you must be one of those guys who call girls bitches or whores when you don't agree with something or gets mad. Which is also not a fair word to use either since you know nothing about these people who have commented, and since all we did was give our opinion to your question. So don't be a hypocrite. Get over yourself.

    • actually you're being hypocritical by saying that. guys just don't call girls bitches, sluts or whores for no reason. believe me, I was diagnosed with Autism when I was younger. my social skills are less than stellar and honestly its not my fault at all. I was born this way. things that most other guys would get like sarcasm and body language fly over my head. sure, I might be forward. but there's nothing like the harsh reality of maybe spending the rest of your life alone.

    • Yeah sometimes their personality or if a guy was creepy based on them trying way too hard and acting desperate when were clearly not interested. If we seem not interested and trying to get rid of you, leave us alone and go chat to someone else lol :P

    • So personality

  • i don't see why you're even bothering to ask this question if all you do is praise the people who give you the "don't worry, they're just bitches" response that you want and ritecule the ones who give you an answer that you don't like. and you shouldn't generalise and categorise females as being all the same. I've only ever called one guy creepy and that was because after I had said no he kept trying to come onto me and putting his arms around me and just acting inappropriately. so no, we're not all bitches and whores, and whilst we're on the subject, just from what you've said, you seem like a bit of a d***head so maybe you should take a look at yourself before you assume that it's everyone else with the problem.

  • lol my best friend says that about the guys I find cute and she's a lesbain, so yeah your right

    • Haha, testament, right there.

  • it's the guys that don't leave you alone after you've told them NO THANKS you call a creep..for me, anyways

    • I completely agree...it is a girls fault, it's not fair that they complain about aguy being a creep while they want their attention - that's stupid. I always say 'listen, I'm really not interested but I'm flattered so thanks'..if he sticks around after I've made my position clear, it's not right

    • I've never had a girl tell me NO THANKS. if I did then I would leave them alone. It's their fault if they didn't make their feelings clear.

  • That's not true. Guys are creepy when they don't stop tryna talk to you and you've already made it clear you're not interested.

    • If you don't tell them to their face "Sorry I'm not interested" then you aren't being clear.

  • Because most of them are airheads who don't have a valid explanation for rejecting you or are just too lazy and insensitive to provide one. Even if they did, they wouldn't want to seem superficial for stating the true reason. So saying your creepy makes them feel superior and you seem like a loser who is obsessed with them which is also an ego boost on their side.

    Of course, if you are stalking them in your ninja outfit, they might have a reason to call you creepy. xD

    • the thing is, girls don't realize that using this word is as offensive as a guy calling a girl a slut or a whore.

    • Totally agree with this. Recently I went to the bar and this girl danced with me and was practically humping me, and afterward she called me a creep. I should have called her a creep for humping my leg, lol.

    • Why does this always happen to me? :( ..... *hides ninja suit*

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  • have you ever thought maybe they were creepy? or came off as a creeper? think about it

    • And the ones that aren't, and don't?

  • Well, I don't call guys that I'm not attracted as creepy as everyone has some good traits. Those who do that are insensitive as I believe everyone got feelings.

  • I'll never call a guy creepy again. Last time I did the [17 year old] guy found out and punched a hole into a wall. o.O Which kinda proved my point.

    The only time I'll 'think' a guy is creepy, is if he is. If he acts like he likes me a little too much (aka creeper) then I'll think he's creepy. But that's my limit on being harsh.

    • What does liking you a little too much mean? Is it better he likes you too much or not at all?

      Is it just another word for clingy? When girls are a little too attention seeking, like a friends sister who keeps hugging your leg, I think of it as clingy. Is creeper the male equivalent?

      When I think of creepy, I think of a seedy guy hanging out by himself staring at some girls from a far. Thinking sexual thoughts about them. But judging by this topic, I got it wrong.

  • All the girls I know only call guys who are creepy creepy. We kinda say it like it is, if we're talking about a guy and we don't think he's attractive we'll say he's not attractive, if he's downright ugly we'll say he's ugly, if he's really sweet we'll say he's really sweet...obviously we would never say to a guys face that we think he's ugly, we'd be nicer and more subtle than that, but only creepy guys get the title of creepy

    • Yeah people do generalise, but I just meant that the people I know would only describe someone as creepy if they were actually creepy. and for us 'creepy' would basically be what jon364 said "When I think of creepy, I think of a seedy guy hanging out by himself staring at some girls from a far. Thinking sexual thoughts about them." someone who looks like that would be a creep, of course we may be worng and he could be completely harmless but unfortunately we judge on appearances...

    • I know from experience that many girls just like to generalize and use the word "creep" for all of those things.

  • You know, we live in a culture where men and women don't really like each other...so both guys and girls often use put down words to talk about each other.

    Sad, I think

    • Is it a defense mechanism?

  • They didn't give a chance to meet their personality. It's judging someone right off the bat.

  • Sorry, but I completely don't do that or know ANYONE else who does.

  • They are being a bitch because they feel that you want them and they don't want you and are milking the moment to feel extra attractive and unavailable and sound cool to their friends.

    thats the truth dude.

  • moost the time it's because fo the way the guy acts or things he says. it also has to do with knowing he'[s been watching you or something of that type for a while.

  • most of the time, I think, they know the guy has been kinda eyeballing them for a while. maybe he is shy and has not gotten the nerve up to talk to her, so he might be dropping hints and beating around the bush and she has already been on to him for some time. she may start to feel "stalked", hence the "creepy" reference. you know he's been "creeping around her" trying to figure out how to say hello and ask her out. I think a guy might lessen the chances of being called "creepy" if he takes a deep breath and just goes for it the sooner the better. the worst she can say is no, which is a little better than "creepy", :)! lol.

  • I find it very rude just to call someone creepy just because they're not attracted to them. Unless the guy came up to the girl and actually acted like a creep, it's very unnecessary.

  • Personally I kind of think it depends on what type of girl we're talking about here. From what I know , the girls that tend to throw the creep word around are the shallow types who are picky about what kinds of guys they date and people they associate with in general. The less shallow types don't tend to use the word creep as loosely. Personally, I've really only used it one one guy before- one of my friend's exes who just wouldn't get the hint that she didn't want him around. Creepy is pretty much = to someone who lurks around when they aren't wanted.

  • because the unwanted forwardness of a guy we find unattractive grosses us out, and creepy is a good word to describe that.

  • it's because guys we aren't attracted to approach us, hit on us, and still hang around when we give them signals to leave. thus, they are creepy.

    • Yes, it's creepy. we call it creepy, for lack of a better word.

    • Thats not really creepy though, is it? I mean, that's just being stupid. Creepy would be like, building a table out of your stray hairs, or something, LOL.

  • Honestly, I have heard this many times before also... me being a girl, I don't see why a lot of guys are called creepy either. [except for those old men giong for young ones, or stalkers)

  • around where I live, us gals call guys creepy only if they ARE creepy. when a 40 year old man is hitting on me ill call him creepy becaust he IS!

  • I don't agree with that I may not like a guy who wants me like that I only call them creepy if I make that clear and they still look at my t*ts when we talk or like they want to drag me into an alley and make me scream lol but if I want them back it isn't creepy and yes guys girls can tell when you won't stop looking

  • Because they ACTcreepy or they just LOOK creepy.. which makes them NOT cute at all..LOL

  • I don't!

    Sometimes I use jacka**, f*cktard, douchebag, d*ckhead, dirtbag, jerk, etc... LOL

    Other times, if they haven't been any of the above, or they seem like cool guys but I'm just not attracted for whatever reason, I just say that they were cool but the chemistry wasn't there.

    I don't call them creepy...unless they are creepy!

  • Did you not see the.. "still lives with parents" part of it? I'm done answering to these because I don't think you are even READING what I'm saying just skipping through. I said 40 year old that still lives with parents. I find a guy in his 40s who is independent and has other things going for him etc attractive. omg. and if a 75 year old guy was fing 21 year olds good for him! that has nothing to do with what I am saying. All I was saying is guys who are not self sufficient who don't have anything going for them and who aren't looking to better themselves. Or don't have any ambitions or goals are creepers to me. It doesn't matter if your hot or not if you suck at life and whatever then your a creeper. if you try to look down my shirt given any opportunity or walk up tome and tell me abou tthe coolest new vibrator on the market when wee aren't friends your more than likely a creeper. That's IT> you guys that are giving me down arrows or whatever. more than likely are in this category. so seriously. GROW up and become REAL men.

  • haha

    truth be spoken.

    dunno, we don't want ugly dudes chasing us? shallow much? yep!

  • we don't.

    so maybe next time you can rephrase your question.

  • I really don't do that.

  • we are bitches, who easily judge. well most of the time. sometimes it depends on the guy. if there is a guy wearing strange clothes and saying weird stuff, then of course I am going to think he is creepy

    • What are strange clothes?

  • If they tell you "No" once and you keep trying, that's when it gets creepy.

  • I don't think that is necessarily true. I think that guys tend to approach girls when they have liquid courage in them or are on another type of confidence trip and that can come off as creepy especially if they are sleezy about it. I don't think that females use the term creepy unless they approach her sketchy like and deserve it.

  • i don't. I call the guy I went out with just now a lying cheating douche which is so true and he's creepy too. his face is creepy.

  • I don't do that. I only call guys who are actually creepy, well, creepy. Only if I don't like a guy but he still pushes for me to date him or sends texts that are flirty and I clearly told him not to do that, would I consider him a creep.

  • I find a lot of guys unattractive but not creepy. Creepy guys are guys who come on way to strong, won't go away, stare at you, or say like weird things.

  • I'm not attracte dto a lot of guys and the aren't creepy its the ones who are socially awkward that are creepy

    • Ok then explain to me how I know a 75 year old man who sleeps with 21 year old women all the time and they never call him creepy. And neither do any of the girls that are around him.

      That much worse than your 40 year old.

      And lets turn the table, would you say the same thing if it were a 40 year old cougar hitting on 20 year old guys? You might, but then again they wouldn't nor would many other girls.

    • Umm wow. first of all I wouldn't want to have sex with someone who sleeps with ten women a week on avg. and for 2. Its not a snap judgement. its something that takes time for me. I never thought you guys would get all worked up over me saying that just because guys AREN:T all attractive that it doesn't make all of them creepy. I have a 40some year old guy in my class who lives wiht his parents and hits on all of us 20 year old girls. that is creeperish.

    • I once knew an underwear model who had sex with tons of women, like 10 a week on average.

      I saw him chat up a gal who was only relatively attractive (8) but for some reason he was having an off night and came off creepy.. She rejected him, he thought it was no big deal, but she just missed out on one of the best looking, funniest, fun, richest looking guys I have ever met.

      Sometimes we have off days. She really really screwed up.


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  • women don't label a guy as creepy because she is not attracted to him, they don't like him because he is creepy. and this is very general, we do have other reasons for not being interested.

  • Not all men that we don't want to date are creepy, but men know this...if we have said no the first time, take it as no and stop pursuing. These guys only get "creepy" when they can't take no for an answer and revert to stocker mode, makes us feel a little unsafe too.

    • True there are more girls than we can all get around to in a lifetime anyhow so if the vibe gets cold then bounce. Hell bounce even if it's going good just because you can.

    • If a womans maturity level is the issue, then why would you pursue her in the first place? Because that is exactly what your describing... a woman that isn't worth it.

    • Women never say no when they mean yes. EVER.

      Even when they say it with a smile and are looking at the guy in the crotch.

      And drooling.

      Women never say something different than what they mean.


      Its always true the first time.

      Women never play games either. or test a guys resolve to see if he will keep perusing.

      You are absolutely right.

  • I absolutely agree with the girls - it has nothing to do with how good looking you are. It has to do with guys who try way too hard and can't take a hint. Here's an example of a creepy guy (who was not bad looking): He started conversations with me at clearly awkward times: times when I STATED that I was going to work, class, or writing in my journal, and wouldn't stop talking. He knocked on my door to start random conversations with me. He also talked about really strange topics - like eastern Europe during the cold war, or Russian literature. That is an example of a creepy guy - especially with the door thing.

    • Wow

    • Lose weight and maybe someday a real man will talk to you and love you for who you are, warts and all. Get hotter, be less bitchy and then you might deserve a real man. men love being around bitter women, its HOT! You could be hot and have the intelligence of a gnat because even the stupidest hottest women develop a response to all the barrage of bore that creepy guys put on them. Anyways I'm done talking to you. Have fun living with your 20 cats.

    • Please anonymous woman on the internet, who's probably a man, won't you love me?

      Maybe someday ill know what a naked woman looks like.

      The bottom line is that its your responsibility to make it clear that you are disinterested.

      Its called "leading a guy on."

      Really really attractive women don't have this problem, you are probably either too nice or just too ugly.

      And given from your rather comical responses, I have to assume its your ugly.

      That's the simple truth and hot girls know it.

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  • There is an evolutionary explanation for this. It's irrational fear.

    In the distant past, when people lived entirely different lives (when we were more monkey then human) unwanted attention from a sexually mature guy for a woman had a very high probability in resulting in pregnancy for that woman. And as we all know, the costs of pregnancy for a woman are very high and women can have a very small number of children compared to men. So Mother Nature gave women through evolution a very powerful weapon to protect them from unwanted attention, an irrational fear of any male around them that they do no consider a good potential father. It's a type of pre-emptive strike on the side of women, they don't fear them for what they are, they fear them for what they could potentially do to them. This is why chivalry exists, to act a certain way around women to make them feel comfortable.

    It has nothing to do with the guys.

    So if a girl calls you creepy, it's purely a problem on the side of women and has nothing to do with you. They’re just being irrational, controlled by an animalistic instinct developed in the Savanna

  • Girls call guys creepy when they know the guy is attracted to her but does not approach her, most of the time the guy just wants to use the girl for her body but does not value the girl enough to invest time into a relationship, this offends the girl and destroys her self image so she calls you creepy as a defense mechanism. Women never want to think its their fault if a relationship does not work out, so of course they will blame it on you and move on to the next guy, its simple as that, do not take it personal.

    Being needy is a whole different issue however. When you are needy you are not attractive to a girl on a emotional level, this is because you do not give yourself value by challenging her.

  • Well Understanding girls are not so much easy Well because they are so complicated.

    they are more complicated then Database, programing computer applications, and much more what I'd discribe about this confusing creature actually but I would like to show my will...

    do you know even when your programing a computer application or making code base database you need to be careful because of a simple comma or just if null will make error in your database command so hey x just have look on

    when you talking to a girl just understand be a quite relax because they are very complicated use the words that you make them attractive . do not make them bore, they need lots of fun . if at all a girl want to avoid you its a simple word to tell you your creepy or if they want to forget about your mistake they call you creepy. well I don't know so much about this confusing creature but I know this much that if a girl. are getting worst by your words or not feeling comfortable with you will call you creepy ...

    when she call you creepy ... here you have a simple thing to do ...

    just tell her bye and copy pest your text and print it out or save it on your pc and read it out that what kinda conversation she had used ... why she called you creepy ... then you'll get known of your mistake dude...

    hey boy don't miss your chance and don't be tense if they tell you creepy ... we have great calculation simple as...

    the count of the girls are more then the boys . and don't miss your chance because on every street you will find a different girl with different mind...

    coz all girls are not the same. don't use the same way ... different girls are flirted in different technics just you don't need to be unhappy because you have a chance to jump on just becareful while talking to girls ... and don't f*** the subject if she is interested in be calm and make her die for you...

    hey don't come under pressure she wouldn't call you creepy

  • I don't know I'm shy and usualy just keep my head down all day so I don't have to look at people and I still had a girl call me a creep.

  • ROFLMAO at some of the girl's responses about what can make a guy "creepy." The one about the friendly guy who approached her at odd times and just wanted to talk being "creepy" is especially funny.

    Seems to me for some girls all a guy needs to do to be creepy is to talk to them at a bad time!

  • A good friend of mine said something once that was very interesting.

    If the girl doesn't like you, you are creepy. If she likes you, you are Romantic.

  • girls don't want to admit it but..its got nothing to do with looks or how interested he is into her. ITS ALL ABOUT HIS AND HER AGE. if he's 40 or 50 and she's 17. then that's considered creepy. they don't want to be dating some guy that's old enough to be their grandma or grandpa. you do however still need to come off as a genuine guy though. meaning keep the sexual stuff to a minimum if at all and make sure your treating her like a woman should be treated

    to any girl who says its about anything else. I call bullsh*t

  • I see this ALL THE TIME and it p*sses me off so much. They need to remove the word "creep" from the dictionary.

  • Because they have no clue what is happening.

  • Its empowering and you probably look creepy.

  • Cause, girls like making guys feel bad.

  • One time I was at a party and I only knew one person, and he was off somewhere else. It was a boring party to start with, and not knowing anyone made it torture. The looks I got from everyone.. after reading this, I realise I was being seen as creepy. I was just shy. I never realised it, but now looking back, they probably called me a creeper.

    A few weeks later, I was at another party.. with a lot more fun, and people I actually knew. I had just bought a puppy and had it with me. These same attractive girls came up to me, and were so outgoing and friendly. Really pleasant. Flirty etc. When they found out I was the same guy, they recoiled in shock.. "are you really?" "were you the same guy?" YES! Both times I was being true to myself.

    I was the same person in both situations. Why do they make such split second judgements like this?

    I act the same way towards all women I meet. My facial expressions and body langauge is something I can't control. I get really nice looks and smiles from some of the most attractive women. It floors me. And others, I get a scowl or a bad look, like I am a creeper. And I act the same towards them all. I don't get it.

    I have never really thought about the word creepy until just now. This topic makes me very nervous. It seems there is two definitions.. one I can understand.. the lurker creep guy who is hanging around when he is not wanted and the second which seems like a way to make the girl feel more self important. "Get that creep away from me".

    It's tough. You girls are hard to please, it's like an artform trying to master this stuff.

  • There are a lot of creepy guys out there that's for sure but sometimes the girl is just a biggot. She can call you creepy all she wants but if she starts to harass you with it there are legal recourse's if this is happening on the job you can file a harassment complaint with the EEOC especially if your a different race culture or religion than her. There is also a way to sue someone for defamation of character.

  • because they are f***in' bitches who judge you before they completely know you!

  • a better way to be mean, and they don't wanna hurt there feeling so the say your formed awkward on the a smooth way.

  • its the same as. why do girls go to the bathroom as a group? Its a girl thing,and not a lot of girls do it, so if she is calling you creepy, maybe its how you are acting. otherwise I wouldn't really too much into it.

  • because most people don't know how to use their words. It's kind of like the word gay, people use it all the time, and usually it has nothing to do with being a homosexual, sadly women use creepy because they either don't want to say someone's ugly or just can't think of another word. I mean you never hear guys calling a girl creepy if sh'es ugly yet I hear and see it all the time. Girls seem to think that if a guy is ugly he's a wierdo, which is sad because I know plenty of so called "hot" wierdos. I think its just a matter of language though. Its also that most girls who say it a lot are fairly shallow and don't really look at personality

  • cause they had a bad day and decided your the unlucky guy they're gonna make feel bad about yourself so they can feel a bit better about themselves... cause some of em are just bitches like that.

  • Would the term 'Nasty Muthaf*cka' suffice? LOL It's just a figure of speech

    • Haha

  • i think its just girls being mean... :( just because you're a nice guy who would rather do his homework and learn about you and would rather do that than be AN ASSHOLE THAT MOST WOMEN WOULD LIKE

    DOESNT MEAN HES A CREEP. just say sorry I don't like you like that. you don't have to shoot him down and call him a creep!

    honestly I've seen bad boys do creepier sh*t but its ok because he's "hot"

    f*** that bull sh*t!

  • It's not so much the looks. It all depends on the personality. If a girl finds you creepy, she will do everything in her power to avoid you, which can sometimes be confused with nervousness about a first date or you asking her out. They are completely different things though!If a girl gives you the hint to "back off", then you should. If she talks to you, answers your texts, etc..then go for it. If she doesn't like you right now, feeling might develop in the future, just don't force her to like you. This way, she never will.

  • because that sh*t guys do that makes a girl fall for you is creepy if she isn't feeling the attraction

  • yea, I noticed that too and it kinda p*sses me off.

    girls are kinda insensitive.

  • My co-worker's wife told her husband I was creepy so she could flirt with me and not alert her hubby. He felt perfectly safe leaving his beautiful wife alone with me.

    So that isn't necessarily always the case.

  • because the guy asks interested and they arent

  • you are not cute, that's the reason

  • It is just a way of flattering themselves. Obviously not all girls are like that but there are some that think when they walk in a room that every guy wants to do them and that to them makes those guys ''creepy''. Which in turn, makes them stuck up ''bitches'' :)

  • Girls are all evil and loving crushing a man's soul.

    Just kidding. "Creepy" is just a phrase a lot of people use these days in a general way. You might not necessarily give off a creepy vibe, but it's just a way of saying that she's not that into you.

  • vis versa to us these girls are bitches

  • Same reason we call cute girls "clingers" but we call hot girls "sweet". It's all weird man & I have no idea.

  • a creep is usually a guy who is a perv asking for sex on the first date or even just when meeting someone (cough, indian guys on here, cough) a creep is also a guy who once told by a girl she is not interested. he just keeps following her. he then becomes a stalker. and that's creepy. therefore he's a creeper

  • Can we pick best question?

  • Protip: Girls can't separate looks and personality. A cute guy is funnier. An ugly guy is creepier.

    • Rofl, Rainbows. I forget where but you had this post where you said it yourself that you shouldn't try to delineate between looks and personality and that they affected each other.

      The truth is they don't.

    • That's simply not true. There are loads of guys that I would say are funny but unattractive physically, and lots of guys that I find attractive who are total creeps.

      If anything, I would say that girls are generally significantly better at differentiating between them than guys.

    • Thank you. I've always wondered that. One girl I know was giggling and smiling at me constantly whenever I spoke (even though nothing I said was funny), and other girls thought that I was unattractive and creepy.

  • its not that there necessary not attracted to them more the guy did something to make them feel uncomfortable as I've had girls who I know found me attractive call me creppy cause I did something that bothered them . so its sometimes a little more complex than you think why they do this but it is very common thing to happen

  • I actually know the answer to this.

    Pay attention...

    Each woman has radar that protects them from men. Dangerous men.

    She starts to develop this radar the moment she grow boobs and uncle Joe starts smiling at her a little too much. At a very young age girls will begin to notice the unwanted attention their bodies bring them. Moms, aunts, school, and movies help her to realize that much of this unrequested attention can lead to very real dangers - the most common being rape.

    This is why most women are incredibly empathic. They can read body language in a way most men can't.

    There are specific patterns of behaviors that women can pick up on that will help them to "mind read" any man who's interacting with her. She needs this skill to protect herself.

    Here are the most common: creepy, slimy, needy, boring, attractive.

    Guess which one's are good and which one's are bad?


    Creepy means she sense's you're unsafe and untrustworthy.

    If she's labeling you as creepy then here's what you're likely doing wrong:

    - Your eyes don't match your smile. This is the car sales man smile. It's fake. Being fake is creepy. Stop laughing and smiling if you don't really mean it. This tells her that she can't trust what you're saying because your body language is not trust worthy. She would rather you smirked if you didn't find her joke funny, instead of fake laughing.

    - You don't smile. This is the guy who's staring from across the room with such intensity that it's freaking her out. Perhaps in your head you're being serious and sexy, but instead you're being uncalibrated and creepy. This tells her that you're stalking her. Next time simply smile when you make eye contact. And make it a real smile.

    - You act like a player, pimp, mac daddy, cool guy, suave. But you're not. You're just acting. Like I said, women can sense when you're being fake. She'd rather you acted nervous and insecure than "too cool for school" because FAKE indicates you're hiding something.. this makes you seem dangerous and creepy.

    - You're coming onto her too strong. She's not a piece of meat and she knows when your only intention is to get something from her... likely approval and sex. If you're staring at her body the entire time like she's something you can take, buy, or steal, then you're being creepy.

    To avoid being creepy simply be honest, sincere, and fun.

    I hope this helps dude!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

    • bless this answer

    • Women are like bloodhounds

    • I wish I could pick best answer, cause you have it.

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  • I'm a "watcher", and I see what you are talking about all the time...

  • Coz they are slags :)

  • I used to be a creep, but I didn't know it. When I started taking an mellow Laissez-faire approach, that was started when I to really meet girls.

    From my experience, learning the right way to flirt is a process of trial-and-error. I've made a lot of errors, but I've had a few successful attempts.

  • I don't agree that girls should label a shy guy creepy...you should give him credit and be honored that he even has interest in you...especially when there are so many other girls out there.

  • It's an easy way to get rid of them. They do it the same way they cry "sexual harrassment" when the guy telling the joke is unattractive. Trust me, I've seen it at work. I make a sexual innuendo at work and the girl laughs. Another male coworker does the same thing to her later on in the day and he nearly gets fired for it. I'm telling you, it's an advantage they have over us.

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