We text a lot! Does she like me?

So I've gotten to know this girl really well over the past year. I'm positive she knows I like her and recently we've been texting a lot. About 700+ texts in under 3 weeks. We tease each other here and there and we really know each other really well. However, I'm not sure if she really likes me. She hasn't given any normal signs. If she walks by my locker at school, she'll just walk right behind me thinking I didn't see her and if I do see her and make eye contact she won't initiate most of the time. If I don't stop her and say something she just leaves. But when we do talk, she laughs a lot at my jokes! and just the other day she was feeling bad and I reassured her and she said ''you actually...always make me feel better'' and I told her that made my day knowing that and she said she was glad that it made my day lol. I've told her on several occasions how beautiful, smart nice and funny she is and she replies with a thanks and a :). but she still continues to text me regularly (still comfortable). But I'm still getting mixed signals every now and then...:/ what do you all think? :) appreciate it!


Most Helpful Girl

  • It does sound like she likes you but feels shy around you sometimes in person. She is probably thinking the same as you "Does he like me?" etc, and waiting for you to make a move.