Do guys like dark skin black girls?

It seems like all any guys like light skin black girls now, even if they like black girls at all.


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  • *Smashes own head with brick* Preference can't be measured on a website. Even if 100% of the males on here said yes, if you went out into the real world, lo and behold, you won't have a 100% positive response.

    If you're ever asking questions of "Are guys/girls attracted to this/that?" understand it's an irrefutable fact that everybody is a personality person. It's not corny because it's the truth.

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      Actually yes, that's very true.

      i only asked this cause I wanted an opinion, but I agree with your point.

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      "smashes own head with break" lmao that's hilarious

      well while I fully agree with you, I think she was just trying to see if she could hear what your personal opinion was. its kind of a confidence booster to receive compliments on things like this when it is a big insecurity. even if it doesn't mean all men in the real world agree with said compliment.

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      Not going to lie, I knew she was chasing an ego boost. People who ask preference questions are never after an answer, they just want to feel wanted.