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Persian guy ?

I was just wondering if any ethnicity other than middle-easterns liked persian guys ? (NOT arab, persian. persian is different) would you consider... Show More

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  • yes of course if he was a nice guy

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  • i would but most persian people I have known are full of themselves and like to show off a lot... that makes them so superficial... no offense but this has been my personal experience...

  • definitely. persian guys are hot! :P

    • Don't mind me asking, but what's your background ? jus wonderin xD

  • My problem with Persian guys is that a lot of them look and act like wannabe guidos. But they're usually really skinny and have big hair and act all gay. I just think they're really feminine. Some are really sleazy. Others just take everything to an extreme and over do everything. Like they think they have to pretend to be rich, use too many drugs, drink way too much, and all that. I never met any normal ones around here, sorry.

  • I am american. Personally, I don't like American guys. Just not attracted to them. Emotionally and physically. I definitely love guys of different ethnic backgrounds. No offense to any american guys. It's just my preference. Sometimes I think that I shouldnt of been born in America because I don't like any guys of my race.

  • if this guy had a great personality and we clicked, then yes. ethnicity and background really aren't a big deal in a relationship to me. It's all about love of the other person for who they are on the inside.

  • no we would be way too different and I don't think our backgrounds would mesh well

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  • lol I don't think its a problem bro I'm persian and I have a white gf

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