Why do most girls like tall athletic guys?

The girls that I like are only attracted to tall athletic guys. Why are no tanned girly girls attracted to short preppy guys? :(

If a tall, tanned athletic guy walks into the room, any short preppy guys can just forget it.


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  • Preppy. That's your problem. Preppy guys look gay and stuck up. Where I'm from girls go for punk or skater guys and of course the football team. But preppy kids get beat up at my school

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      Lol you are wrong, wear a polo and a nice pair of blue jeans, and I guarentee you get looks from some really attractive girls ;P

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      Lol I agree, preppy makes you look weak. Polos are fine, but notice that generally the confident, athletic guysin the polos still get more of the looks. and skinny jeans are even more gay it raises the question f whether you are actually a guy or not.

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      Haha, yeah what is with dudes wearing those skinny womens jeans?!? Looks god awful.