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Why do most girls like tall athletic guys?

The girls that I like are only attracted to tall athletic guys. Why are no tanned girly girls attracted to short preppy guys? :(

If a tall, tanned athletic guy walks into the room, any short preppy guys can just forget it.

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  • Preppy. That's your problem. Preppy guys look gay and stuck up. Where I'm from girls go for punk or skater guys and of course the football team. But preppy kids get beat up at my school

    • Lol you are wrong, wear a polo and a nice pair of blue jeans, and I guarentee you get looks from some really attractive girls ;P

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    • Lol I agree, preppy makes you look weak. Polos are fine, but notice that generally the confident, athletic guysin the polos still get more of the looks. and skinny jeans are even more gay it raises the question f whether you are actually a guy or not.

    • Haha, yeah what is with dudes wearing those skinny womens jeans?!? Looks god awful.

What Girls Said 22

  • for me its all about personality but the guy cannot be shorter than me. umm I guess girls like muscle...athletic guys have good bodies lol

    help me please?

  • Try going for the shorter girls, since most females like a man to be taller than themselves

  • well 'im very tall for a girl and my age so to me a shorter man than me would not be my first choice. so forth.. if there was a shorter guy that was really kind and sweet I would not mind dateing him

  • Dude...maybe because they make some effort to look good x)? I'm not saying you should have major muscles, but...if you're body's toned it's a lot more attractive then a bear belly or something like that. It will do miracles for you if you start working out, I'm talking about personal experience x)...I had a guy friend who was a "geek" and...didn't work out, at 15 he still had some baby fat and such...but then one day something got to him and he started working out, got contacts...his face is not a face of a pretty boy btw :P...but an okay face + a well toned body will do miracles (:

  • the reason is that girls fall for the most confident guy in the room. and, according to your post, that's definitely not you. hey, just convince yourself that you're the **** of the walk and the girls will like you. one of my really good guy friends is this short, pale blond guy who's a computer geek and really nerdy and loud and kind of annoying, but most importantly he is the cockiest, most confident guy I've ever met. and this guy gets some of the hottest and nicest girls in my school.

    • By **** I mean another word for rooster.

  • Firstly, personality is the most important thing we look for in a guy.

    Secondly, we tend to prefer guys whom are taller than us.

  • Not all the time. It depends on the girl and what they're attracted to. We like our guys tall for the most part and in shape, it's just physical attraction.

  • Well it has to do with testosterone. Taller athletic guys, tend to be ideal fathers, while shorter "preppy" (that just sounds feminine) guys who may be chunky isnt. We're still animals at heart and we're all looking for the best provider, and in our society that would be the better looking, more muscular male.

    I'm not saying you're ugly, but hey if you can't get the tall part down why not just go for athletic. I'm sure after you buff up a little you'll have more luck.

    Oh and tanned guys are actually a turn off to me unless it's natural, and by natural I don't mean lying in a tanning salon, or on the beach, because that's gay, and too much work.

    I've been with shorter guys, who were chunky, and they all turned out to be too much of a bitch for me. By that I mean they had lots of self esteem, emotional, and other issues. I mean I though I was the girl.

    And judging by this you're totally lacking in the self esteem department.

    • P.S. I'm not speaking for all girls, because in general I would date someone who was short and preppy as long as he wasn't fat. But that's just my take on the situation.

    • I'm not fat at all. I'm just short and preppy. I'm not tall, or athletic.

  • Well I'd day its morelust for that kind of guy.. I usually go for your type or other as the athletic guys are usually pricks and full of themselves... so you're wrong! (I am a relatively tanned.. but girly girl haha)

  • im a tanned girly girl for the most part. I swim and so I'm pretty athletic too. tanned athletic guys are strong, social, usually funny, since they are social they are probably caring and take time for people. that's a plus. and the MUSCLES! love em :) basically you have a decent idea of their personalitiy before you even meet them, and its a good one. what's not to like?

  • Its the feeling of protection its the sexual energy and confidence a tall man has.I only date 6`2" or above The bigger the better I say hehehe.and Yes the sex is so much better with someone taller ;)

    • I'm 6' 4", and have played b ball my whole life, I could be your protector, lol;)

    • You women have it easier

  • Well I'm attracted to short preppy guys as long as they're taller than 5 3 lol

    but I'm not a tanned girly girl, I'm really pale >.~

  • to me, if you're not tall, then you have no right demanding tallness from another person, know what I mean? and the same goes for anything else..skinniness, toned body, etc..my philosophy is you date someone on your level of physical attractiveness.

    and maybe you shouldn't be attracted to ONLY tanned girly girls lol! maybe you should learn from how they hurt you and broaden your horizens a little bit, and not be so narrow minded.

  • Well, I gravitate to taller guys because I'm tall (5'10), and I feel self-conscious with a guy who's more then a few inches shorter than I am. It's also nice to look up when talking to somebody for once haha :) But I'd date a shorter guy too. But getting on the track team or something wouldn't hurt you, find a sport you like. Height probably won't be an issue for them if you're athletic ;)

  • people are subconsciously attracted to better looking people because we see them as being better and healthier and if we were to reprodice with them then the subsequent offspring would be healthier as well. its beasic human nature.

  • I like a variety of guys. For me I don't fall for a guy for his looks, I like him because of his personality, then I begin to enjoy and appreciate his looks. So I would date a tall athletic guy, or a short preppy guy, I don't really have a preference, as long as they treat me well and are nice/sweet, then looks don't matter. But if you are shorter than her it would be awkward because typically the girl is shorter than the guy, but it doesn't matter THAT much.

    • This is bullsh*t. you're probably just not good looking enough to be picky!

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    • Dont worry. he just has low enough self esteem to not see that not all girls go for just the good looks and there is more to a guy than looks

    • Exactly. besides most guys that are very good looking tend to be cocky, and players. but that's just a generalization, not all good looking guys are like that. But for me 9times out of 10, I like a guy for his personality, not looks.

  • I like preppy and short preppy guys.

    And athletic and tall guys.

    But I go for the preppy cute guys! :D

  • I don't like athletic guys. Never have. Guys like that look all the same and well I like the "freaks". That's what people call me and my friends at school. And really we are not, we just wear black, and not even that much. We are loud and say random things and a million other things people probably hate. But none of the guys I have liked tall and athletic. They are average height, non-athletic,not popular. Except for the occasional "hey my names in the school news paper".

    I was just wondering what you define as preppy? That could mean a lot of things. As long as you are a little taller then me(im about 5'2) then that would not be a reason I wouldn't date you. I like a guy who can make me laugh and entertain me and just keep up with who I am. I need someone who is intellectual. But not to the point they think they are better then everyone else.

  • well I know this questions old but my friends always ask me the same thing. I've never dated a guy shorter than 6' ft but I have yet to talk to anyone who doesn't play either basketball or football.Either way their tall I'm only 5'5" but tall guys just have that overall look that I want plus I go to a pretty big campus the athletes stand out and they always have a confidence to themselves or a jerk attitude that attract all girls. ehhh being a D1 school gets to their heads but as a girl that makes them look that much better.ohh yeah I'm latina too so most of them are black aka a minority race too which in college seems to be a very small community to stick together although plenty of white girls throw themselves at the guys.

  • tall, well built guys or athletic guys are more attractive. from all romance books I've read, the guys are tall, tanned, and well built, square chin etc. also, guys like this are just more attractive.

  • Honestly, it just seems like you think the same way these girls you describe think. You want a "tanned girly girl". Well maybe you need a reality check. You need to understand that relationships are about people rather than looks. To me looks are just bonus, and most girls I know feel the same way. Specially because tall athletic guys often turn out to be douche. But again, it's all about people and personalities.

  • well tall, tan, athletic guys are just hotter. that doesn't mean short preppy guys have no chance, just that they can't rely on their looks as much as the tall tan hot guy.

    just how you prefer tanned girly girls and probably not pale tomboys, girls you're into prefer tan tall athletes.

    • Isn't it funny how he has his preference in girls and then complains how those guys have their preference, which unfortunately isn't him?

What Guys Said 15

  • So what you're saying is that you're extremely picky and you're expecting them not to be?

  • The sword of choice cuts both ways.

    That, and women are attracted to all different types of men, and I can guarantee that there is someone out there who digs shorter men who dress in a "preppy" style.

  • Genetics.

  • Look I used to worry about this ALL the time, now granted I don't believe I ever fell into the "preppy" category and there is nothing wrong with preppy (not sure what the plural for preppy people is..Sorry) However I have been short all my life, when I was younger I was very into weight lifting (more out of insecurity than anything else) and now that I'm older not so much, what I'm getting at is women like all sorts of men, and it seems to me they mostly like a man who is comfortable with themselves, this isn't to suggest you be conceited, just be comfortable, don't worry so much about what some girls might or might not like. I used to really obsess about this and worry that there was something wrong with me, all it was, was all my anxiety and the such that was really off putting for the women I knew. If it is any consolation I have seen women also all wrapped up in worrying about their looks, weight etc. And all of that worry and anxiety doesn't make anybody look attractive, so just try and ease up a little, I'm confident you have a great deal to offer some lucky girl, just be yourself and relax. It has always been my experience that when you really aren't looking, is when that special girl will show up, and when she does all those worries and concerns will really fall into the background. The fact of the matter is we ALL want to be accepted and want to be with someone who likes us for who we are, we have a tendency to focus on a lot of things that ultimately really aren't all that important. So please don't give up, and just be yourself after all it is YOU they really want to get to know, not what you "appear" to be. I hope this helps you some, and that you can go out and have some fun.

    • Plural of preppy is 'preps'. otherwise good answer

  • Damn I am tall and athletic, why aren't I scoring more. :(

  • Im 6'4 and workout every day of the week and I don't find that girls are swarming me. But dude consider this, you are attracted to tanned attractive girls because they are physically attractive, would the same not apply for girls? Being attracted to muscular, tanned guys? Also preppy boys and girly girls aren't exactly a good match. Both tend to be needy and insecure. So is a needy insecure girl looking for someone to make them feel good about themselves going to go for a needy insecure guy - not likely.

  • Bother I know what you mean, I like the hood looking latinas( I like the way the dress), but they want thug looking guys. so I am stuck in a weird limbo, because I am latino but not thuggish looking. but no preppy either. my suggestion is like some other type of girl.

  • because if you can get the best you probably don't settle with crap. short guys will never ever be even able to compete against tall guys when it comes to looks bodywise, that's just how it is, sorry. also, short guys usually has small hands and feet, which is a big turn off, and also makes you think they have small penises, which I don't know if is true or not

  • Please do not dwell on this problem because it is simply not true.

    Women are the physically weaker sex and so they tell themselves that tall strong men are better able to protect them and sweep them off their feet.

    This is just being romantic but not very realistic. Girls will be attracted to men who are kind, considerate and thoughtful and with whom they can have fun and enjoyment. They are also drawn to men who have the same or similar interests to them.

    Consider how threatened a girl may feel if she has a tall handsome man taking an interest in her. How soon is this man going to be pulled by another more glamorous girl? If he gets attention from other women after marriage, how long is it going to be before he leaves for a younger woman?

    Most women have far more sense than men give them credit for. Just be yourself and do not bear a chip on your shoulder. Try to be amusing without overdoing it and you will soon be very popular with the girls that really matter.

  • well with that attitude. just be smarter then the jock man females like brains especially when its clearly obvious your more intelligent. nobody want dumb kids.

  • Not true...you just have to search for girls who are short, because then you'll look tall to them. It's a psychological thing with girls. They want a protector and a provider. They want to feel secure, too.

  • is 5,7 short or what? I'm just tryina find out

    • It's kinda short. But not horribly short...

    • I think it's pretty averagee. It's lot taller than me, I'm 5'1.

    • Oh aight cool. I mean I like the way I am but I'm just wondering what ladies think

  • same reason us guys are attracted to Hooters girls, or supermodels

  • If it makes you feel any better, I'm reasonably tall and athletic and girls don't like me.

    • Likewise : )

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