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Girls- Old Spice cologne? Turn on or off?

what is it about old spice cologne do you like it or not ..turn on or turn off?

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What Girls Said 8

  • Just wear the deoderant :)

  • Old Spice is an amazing scent. However, I find cologne to be too strong. Old Spice deodorant has the same smell, and is less strong.

    I like the feeling of getting close to my guy and smelling him. Walking into a room and being able to smell him 10 feet away is less sensual and doesn't have the same effect on your girl when you wear it.

  • Cheap and nasty.

  • Like the pumpkin-cinnamon scented stuff? In the Fall only, any other time it would just seem outta place.

  • It's a bit as if you stole ur granddads parfume ;)

    Look thru the modern ones in a good perfumers shop,

    really it's worth it!

    • My girlfriend feels exactly this way!

    • See, ur girlfriend is a wise woman ;)

  • turn off because it's so overused. every guy seems to use it

  • turn OFF! please don't wear that old man sh*t lol it reminds me of something my dad would wear

What Guys Said 2

  • Old Spice is crap! You're better off smearin' kerosene on your face. At least you'll still be able to smell the kerosene 10 minutes later.

  • I tried it a couple times the scent is to strong

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