Why don't girls like fat guys? Is there a way to be attractive?

I'm fat, it's not like I enjoy being fat, but every time I try to have a relationship with a girl, they tell me that, "You are a really great guy, but you are just to big for me to like". What is it not to like? I'm a very respectful person, I'm smart, I'm funny, and I'm an artist. Why do no girls... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • You may be looking at the wrong sort of girls for affection. In my case at least, I'd rather date a guy who was a bit bigger than a bag of bones. seriously, I have had crushes on skinny guys, and it sucks because I feel like I am bigger than him even though I'm only 114 lbs. It's ridiculous.

    But, honestly, I think its easier for bigger guys to find a partner, than bigger girls. Guys can be funny, charming, good conversationalists, and good dressers for women to consider them for partnership, but women are judged based, overwhelmingly on looks. It's not fair, but I think your lucky to be a man. Take advantage of it, not all women are shallow. Women look for that emotional connection with a man, while a man looks for someone who is visually appealing. If she enjoys your company, and you guys like being around each other, nothing will stop her from wanting to take things to the next level.

    My final word of advice would be, to keep on your diet and exercise, take care of yourself physically, get a professional hair cut, maintain grooming habits, and eat healthy! ooh and don't forget CONFIDENCE.