I'm not handsome, so will a pretty girl ever like me?

I'm not handsome but I think I have a wonderful personality. And while looks aren't everything, it would be nice if a pretty girl would be into me at some point in time. But it seems like my looks are continually disqualifying me as potential boyfriend. I don't want to be automatically discounted.

Obviously I won't consider the pretty girl if her personality is like chalk.


Most Helpful Girl

  • i'll be honest with you...if you're unattractive it's gonna significantly lower your chances at getting a pretty girl to like you. it could happen, like say if yall work together over an extended period of time and your personality grew on her or she began to like you like that...but that would kind of be the only way.

    you should just be realistic and go for less attractive girls. you're not good looking yourself so you're kind of asking a lot to expect a pretty girl to like you even though you have a great personality. what about the less attractive or average girls who have great personalities? their looks continually disqualify them to be considered as potential girlfriends for you right?

    your best bet is to find an unattractive or average (at the most) girl with a great personality. since you say you aren't shallow and don't think looks are everything, you should have no problem with this option :)