I'm not handsome, so will a pretty girl ever like me?

I'm not handsome but I think I have a wonderful personality. And while looks aren't everything, it would be nice if a pretty girl would be into me at some point in time. But it seems like my looks are continually disqualifying me as potential boyfriend. I don't want to be automatically discounted.

Obviously I won't consider the pretty girl if her personality is like chalk.


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  • i'll be honest with you...if you're unattractive it's gonna significantly lower your chances at getting a pretty girl to like you. it could happen, like say if yall work together over an extended period of time and your personality grew on her or she began to like you like that...but that would kind of be the only way.

    you should just be realistic and go for less attractive girls. you're not good looking yourself so you're kind of asking a lot to expect a pretty girl to like you even though you have a great personality. what about the less attractive or average girls who have great personalities? their looks continually disqualify them to be considered as potential girlfriends for you right?

    your best bet is to find an unattractive or average (at the most) girl with a great personality. since you say you aren't shallow and don't think looks are everything, you should have no problem with this option :)


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  • lol, wow. So, basically, you're unattractive and don't like the fact that pretty girls don't see how wonderful your personality is, but you're not willing to give any less attractive girls with nice personalities any chances? I seriously doubt that your personality is as wonderful as you seem to think it is.

  • I am going to be blunt. Your thoughts are hypocritical. You want someone to look past your looks but won't look past others... Doesn't make any sense.

  • Ok if I were you, I would lower your standards a bit.. Start with someone who is ok looking, but who has a good personality (Like yourself!) Woo her with you're personality! (: Go out of you're way to be nice (but don't get creepy) Start off by being friends and make sure to act like you really care about her! Stand out among the other guys and show her you're different. Girls like individuality! I've been where you are before when I went through my awkward middleschool/mid-highschool phase.. The best advice I can give you is to branch out, because I changed schools and a lot of guys like me here oddly... So Good luck (:


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  • You're appearance means much less to a woman than woman's does to you. Just because you experience desire from physical attraction you shouldn't expect women to behave the same way. That is the path to frustration.

    Biologically speaking a woman needs a trustworthy, strong, confident and masculine man that will defend her and won't take off after he has sex with her. Natural selection favored women who selected such men and they were the ones that successfully passed down the genes to the girls you know today and thus defining what they are attracted to: personality traits.

    Negativity and insecurity are TURN OFFS for women and they can smell it from miles away. It's not your looks but the vibes you give off that are driving the ladies away.

  • Dude, I was in the same boat. I had seen gorgeous girls with guys that are significantly less attractive than myself. Until a BEAUTIFUL girl just started talking to me. Don't give up hope, If her personality is important or more important than her looks, you will find her.

    • of what you've said that is a fantasy for me, of what the dude says above i'm a lot worse

  • What the girls said.