SHORT vs. TALL GIRL that true that all men want like long legs and tall body from a girl ? i,m just curious, because i,m very short hahah ( 5 ft 3)



Most Helpful Guy

  • I prefer tall girls and so does society - tall is beutiful. Its the way us tallies roll, I don't even notice short girls only tall girls are on my rader ;).

    Dont be disheartened tho, there are actually some short males around but they are weardos and often face a height complex which means they get very jelous of tall men. I would stay well away from them which means youl have to find a tall man who has some thing for short chicks (usually they have a mole under their left eye so look out for that).

    Hope I helped.

    p.s. Heels can add a few inches + they make your legs thinner (2 great assets)

    pps. height means nothing, no one cares how tall anyone is and if you do base a judgement on someone purely becasue of their height you are a serious douche! So don't fret

    Safe peace out