If a guy really likes you he will make it happen!?

If a guy really likes you he will make it happen!

True or not?


Most Helpful Guy

  • not always. Some guys... actually A LOT of guys have no balls and will just sit in the background wishing it to happen. Some guys will put out signals like crazy hoping you will make the first move so they don't have to.

    I know other guys who won't make a first move on principal alone - using bullsh*t lines like "I don't go to women, they come to me". Which in some cases is true, and in other cases is just wishful thinking.

    For me it depends on the situation. If I'm out and about and I see a girl worth my time I will approach. If I'm busy I'll just briefly appreciate from afar and keep moving. If it's someone I see on a regular basis I tend to hang back and see what kind of a girl she is and if she looks like she is worth the effort before I approach.

    Also, girls who get a lot of attention from guys in general tend to intimidate a lot of the guys they might actually WANT the attention from. Those guys tend to assume they would just be a number at the bottom of a long list.

    Other girls have a snotty attitude and expect all guys to come to them. They usually attract the wrong kind of guy and sit around complaining about it or causing drama over it. I usually walk right past those as they are always a pain in the ass anyway.

    Yet other girls are just too shy/timid to show any emotion at all for fear of being judged. Guys usually just ignore them because they assume they are not interested, or are too boring since they don't ever talk.

    So really ask yourself what type of girl YOU are and what type of guys you WANT. then you will know whether that is true or not most of the time. (since there are always exceptions)