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If a guy really likes you he will make it happen!?

If a guy really likes you he will make it happen!

True or not?

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  • not always. Some guys... actually A LOT of guys have no balls and will just sit in the background wishing it to happen. Some guys will put out signals like crazy hoping you will make the first move so they don't have to.

    I know other guys who won't make a first move on principal alone - using bullsh*t lines like "I don't go to women, they come to me". Which in some cases is true, and in other cases is just wishful thinking.

    For me it depends on the situation. If I'm out and about and I see a girl worth my time I will approach. If I'm busy I'll just briefly appreciate from afar and keep moving. If it's someone I see on a regular basis I tend to hang back and see what kind of a girl she is and if she looks like she is worth the effort before I approach.

    Also, girls who get a lot of attention from guys in general tend to intimidate a lot of the guys they might actually WANT the attention from. Those guys tend to assume they would just be a number at the bottom of a long list.

    Other girls have a snotty attitude and expect all guys to come to them. They usually attract the wrong kind of guy and sit around complaining about it or causing drama over it. I usually walk right past those as they are always a pain in the ass anyway.

    Yet other girls are just too shy/timid to show any emotion at all for fear of being judged. Guys usually just ignore them because they assume they are not interested, or are too boring since they don't ever talk.

    So really ask yourself what type of girl YOU are and what type of guys you WANT. then you will know whether that is true or not most of the time. (since there are always exceptions)

What Guys Said 38

  • Mostly true... like some other guys are saying, many guys are scared or don't know how to approach the girl/situation... I was like that, but it got to the point where I liked the girl so much I just said, "screw it, I'm going for it... I HAVE to"

    So... I guess I DO kinda agree with that in a way... If that guy genuinely likes a girl, he'll go for it no matter what. He can't "make it happen" tho. That's up to the girl. And if the girl says "yes" she'd better follow through with it or else she's gonna have one hurt guyfriend... happened to me. Kept getting yes, nothing ended up happening, but I got strung along for months even after asking and asking some more... I tried my best, she was the only girl I've ever had any real feelings for... I didn't know what to think! :(

    Just don't string any guys along... It's up to YOU to make it happen. It's up to the guys to try...

    • Wow I like this. Agreed. Men initiate, women have to follow through also.

    • So ur saying the guy trys to date me then once iam dating me its up to me to keep it goin?

      cus when I was seing this guy he was after me so bad then anyone be4, he kept askign to see me alwasy asked what you doin this week organiseded advanced to see me.. then after few months he stoped asking an I had to ask what does that mean?? I auto matically thought he wasn't interested an I stoped seing him..

    • Well... you have to reciprocate and show some interest in him as well. common sense really. the more you don't give him any attention the more he feels like he's walking on eggshells and the more he's gonna wanna give up. he wanted to make it work, but you didn't seem to want to, so he left.

  • false. shy is shy and to a lot of shy guys the fear of rejection will almost always outweigh the idea of hooking up/asking her out.

    • This. Probably how I am actually.

  • If he is ignorant enough of the nature of space and time, then sure, he will make 'it' happen.

  • Most people are complete pussies, and will never make a move until it's 100% certain, because they're afraid of rejection. It really depends on the guy. If you really want him to make a move just make it more obvious that you like him and maybe he will.

  • not always. depends on the guy, is he shy?

  • not always, a lot of guys may really like you but not all of them are not scared, some just may not know how!

    • Whats not to know its pretty much instinctual. you like someone you spend time with them things progress.

  • not true

    • Agreed - some guys are just too shy. I almost always agree with the answers I see from you lol

    • Well...thank you. :)

    • Me to ha ha

  • The only way that would be true, would be if the girl always got with the guy that really likes her.

    But more often than not, the girl usually ends up with the asshole who treats her like sh*t, and doesn't really give a crap about her. That is why, a lot of the times, if a guy really likes you, he won't make it happen. He might try being your friend, though.

    But we all know how that story ends. *cough*"let's just be friends"*cough*

    • That sux because I'm friends with a guy right now that really likes me (shows it too) but won't make a move.....i've already made the first move, the balls on his court now.....i'm the one that feels friend zoned lol

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    • Lol what can I do, if anything?

    • Well if you're friend zoned, with a guy, that usually means he likes being with you, but you're not his type physically. But be sure he's friend zoned you before you make that assumption though. If the guy liked you initially, I seriously doubt he's put you in the friend zone. That rarely ever happens. If we really like someone initially, but then just decide to be friends, it's very easy for GUYS to go back start liking them. Just keep showing interest and he'll eventually pick up on you.

  • If the girl responds well to the guy (aka nice and flirty), then I suppose at least I could answer with yes.

    I was into a girl once and she was living 125 Miles away, but I simply wanted for it to happen as she seemed quite into me, too. So I drove there pretty often, which was a financial ---------, and I hoped for her to develop feelings for me, too.

  • Sort of true - even me with social anxiety eventually tries to go after a girl. However it can be very difficult to convince myself to do so - usually months and months. There was a point where my anxiety was unbearable and the thought of just talking to a woman, let alone asking them on a date or something was pretty much impossible.

    Even now, there have been many women I've liked and haven't been able to do anything because of fear

  • If he's willing to go the distance to prove to you how much he likes you...then yes he would make it happen to matter what. Then again...he could try his best no matter what but at the end well...fall short, its called losing, but losing with style. It varies...but its all up to the guy and a little bit of luck man.

    • Yeah, initially, girls have it easier

    • Yeah they do...............so to speak.

  • Depends on the guy. As for me I'm usually way to anxious to go for it even if all the signs are there

  • maybe

  • It's a two-way street. A guy will not beat himself up trying to get to you if you show no interest. Ladies have to play their part in concert with the guys.

    • Totally agree with this answer. I would flirt and initiate things but if I didn't sense any interest on her part id just get over it. this is why girls shouldnt play TOO hard to get.

    • Gabbie : If a girl really likes a guy she will make it happen. True or not......get it?

      Yes of course. Except for the 101 reasons or obstacles or problems or misunderstandings or miscalculations or misinformation & or all around uncertainty that gets in the way.

      Anyways. You should never rely on someone else to 'do' everything- its a bad habit & unhealthy & your friends will not like it in you. be a team payer* ;)

  • you know what.. there's no "rule" or standards for any of this.. every situation is unique.. it really goes on a case by case scenario.. sometimes some guys are more outgoing and they really pursue a girl they really like.. sometimes a guy is more on the shy side and as much as they like a girl they may let it slide because theyre just not used to girls liking them back (be it that they're good looking or not.. )..

    in this case you didn't really give us much info, so just ask yourself if he's social enough to be able to go after you or if he's shy ask yourself if u've given him enough signals/chances to let him know you like him..

    • I AGREEEEEEEEEE.......

      there are guys who are really super shy, they wait until the girl make it!!!, what seems really weird, girls actually consider that sort of guys in not enough into her to the extent that "forces" him emotionally and physically to do, even if he is showing DEADLY signs of PURE interest and attraction !!!...and they don't let it happen until time is out :S:S

      does it make sense ?!!

  • do your parents buy you a pony if you only really wish for it?

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  • If he really likes You and wants You enough. He'll have a dance off with Beyonce to make it happen lol. In all seriousness, if he truly wants U, he'll do whatever it takes to make it happen...just hope it doesn't involve no one dying lol.

  • Everyone is different on this, I personally am somwhat afraid of rejection so I try to make sure that the girl likes me too before I make much of a move. So although most girls perfer to have the guy make the first move, its not that important, if you want him to know flirt with him or if he is a good enough freind just tell him how you feel.

  • not always

    some are shy like hell

    they may better let it go and regret than making it happen.

  • why don't you ask him? ask him questions like:

    -would you call yourself a shy guy?

    -have you asked a girl out before?

    etc etc.

    and make it a fun convo too, cause those questions might bring back bad memories for him. so try to keep it light. and then this way you'll know what kinda guy he is when he's around someone he likes.

    also at the end of the convo give him some productive criticism. This should make him feel a bit more confident with you and he might even ask you out.

  • in time yes.

  • not, some guys wouldn't know how to make to make it happen!..but it should be the guy to approach

    • Why

    • Cause they are not experienced on how to talk. listen.....experience..and guy should approach cause it would be easier to play a girl if she approaches

    • The guy should approach- because he is not experienced ?

  • Not always true. Men are still human, and as humans they are prone to the same insecurities and fears of rejection as anyone else is. If they like you they will use the standard social cues to let you know over time. Starring at you across the room then looking away when you notice, things like that. You may need to be the one to approach them, or at least signal your own interest. If you like them, stare back some. Smile. Encourage the poor guy. :]

    • Staring is giving you a social clue?.....i thought it was just because they like u, not to let you know......lol I stare cause I like a guy -- I always hope he does not notice ha ha

  • When you repond to him well, he'll do a lot thing to "make it happen". Depends on what you want out of it.

  • yes unless he's like 13 and still dealing with his insecurities, but men are wired to want certain things and if he likes you his hormones should push him to do something. If it weren't that way then why would any sane man go thru all the trouble.

    • He is 17

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    • Did you grow a manly beard to show just how manly you are? Little boys don't have facial hair, but MEN do!

    • I beg to differ totts, one of my friends when he was in 6th grade he had a full beard.

  • I'd say not true. I say this because I've known guys, myself included, that have had very strong feelings for a girl but never got up the courage, got over the insecurities, been in a position, etc. to make it happen with the girl. So as much as people would like for the romantic "He'll find a way" to be true, in cases it doesn't happen.

  • If the guy is aware of how to make it happen, he will. But sometimes, he might not. That's where you come in and influence him to do so.

  • Most guys won't annoy a girl they like if she doesn't seem to like him..

  • not true

  • Yeah the thing about rejection is that it's awful, especially if you really think she might like you, and you really like her. So there's a huge risk a guy could be taking, and that's not to be underestimated.

    That being said, so long as you give him a hint, he probably will ask you out. Just make sure that you're giving him some somewhat clear reason to believe you are interested too. If you're blowing him off or acting like it wouldn't matter either way, he might not for fear of making things awkward or loosing your current relationship.

    • But if he likes her & he is not with her then what is he trying to preserve..?

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What Girls Said 20

  • Not always true

  • really likes you can have different meanings. some guys just want sex and they're "really like you" but they might not, most often don't work hard enough for it

  • Sure, as long as he has some good indications from you that you are actually interested in him. If you don't make eye contact, don't engage in conversation, don't return calls or texts and turn him down for dates (as in play-hard-to-get), he won't be able to make it happen.

    I can say there seems to be some debate about guys who are "shy" and I am sure guys do get nervous, but if they really, really like you (not iffy or unsure) and you are showing them attention such as making eye contact and talking with them, they will figure a way out to work up the nerve to ask you out.

    • What if you constantly make eye contact and sit with them but do not talk

  • True. There are exceptions because some people are shy/socially awkward. However, you WILL know when a guy likes you. There are no mind games. There are no, "what ifs." There are no underlying meanings to innocent comments that girls misconstrue as something else (btw, stop reading women's magazines. They're the most misleading pieces of garbage out there). He will be in touch. He will answer your texts. He will want to hang out. He won't be, "too busy," to get in touch. He won't wait 57483 days to get in touch after he says he'll call you. He won't play mind games and string you along.

    If he really does like you, he already has a sense of respect for you and will treat you as such. If he wants you, then yes, he WILL make it happen. Some take longer than others, but it'll happen.

    • The games/tests are not just to be a dic* - its a way they have of making sure you like them & yes guys do it too.

  • you should make this a poll

  • I think a guy can really like you but have insecurities or issues with himself that might hold him back from making a move. That's what makes things difficult... Just to cut out all the BS... go with the guy that doesn't make you confused whether he likes you or not. He actually shows it and makes an effort.

  • NOT TRUE. my boyfriend was shy and didn't ask me out at 1st. I thought I was giving him all the right signals and making it it OBVIOUS that I liked him. but... he didn't pick up on these signs and told me (once we got 2gether) that he didn't know if I liked him or not and he dint want to ask me and I reject him, because he's feel like an idiot and it'd b awkward between us. it took a lot of encouraging on my part 4 us 2 finally get 2gether!

  • True, otherwise he wouldn't waste the time.

  • That is true if a guy likes someone they will go after the person that they desirer.

  • yes, but the real answer is eventually.. some guys are just too shy but when they mature they have all the confidence to go for what they want. a lot of guys that I don't like are all too persisent.

  • Just keep talking and flirting with him until he gets the hint!

  • that is so true. if a guy likes you a lot he will do anything to make it happen he may need time but it will happen and if he doesn't seem to interested don't even bother bcos he's not worth your time

  • For most cases it is true.

    As far as I'm concerned, most guys go for the girl they really like.

    But you can always ask yourself the magic question "Is he acting like he cares?"

    Don't tip toe around your feelings and admit the truth.

    Because, If the guy is acting like he doesn't give a sh*t, he really doesn't give a sh*t.

    (it works other way around too).

    FYI watch movie He Is Just Not That Into You, it might clear things out for you about the way guys mind works :D

  • TRUE...one way or another shy or not he will show you something!

    • Show something yes- make it happen, takes two to tango*

  • True

  • I think so! Unless, of course, you've made it clear to him that you're not interested...there's a certain point at which a man gives up. But yeah, if you've incouraged him with flirting, he'll get the message and go for it (for the most part). Hope this helps!

  • Depends of how much shy he is. But boys are usually afraid of failure or rejection so they are sometimes not confident.

  • true. but sometimes false...

  • If you know he is not shy, then yes but if he is, then he is just too nervous too and may take longer to finally approach you.

  • Not true... there's a lot of guys who are just too shy and some that will always think the girl is out of his league. Some guys are mortified of rejection and can't get themselves to try the way they really want to try.

    In addition to that - sometimes no matter how hard a guy tries it's not going to happen because the girl isn't into it. lol. You can't MAKE something happen with someone. :) But I'm sure that's not what you meant, I guess I'm just feeling psychological lol.

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