Why do guys like "thick girls"? (mainly black guys)

I've noticed that it seems to be a trend, that most black guys like thicker girls. As in a really big butt, or thick thighs. But the weird thing is that those standards are mostly only for black girls. Not any other race. I'm just wondering why? Well, one day my bestie did a survey on which girls they like better black girls or Hispanic girls? These were black guys. We just wanted to know the results. so, the next day, she told me that most of these guys said they rather be with a Hispanic girl, and gave their reasons. But, the guys that said they like black girls, said if they did get with one, she'd have to be "thick, and light skin". But the Hispanic girls could be slim or it didn't matter their body type. We were really shocked on why they felt this way. So I wondering, the way a black girl is attractive is if she has a curvy body and a butt? And any other race of girls mainly Hispanic can just rely on their face to be considered attractive. This mainly concerns me because I'm the opposite of this. I'm slim and tall and I don't have a big butt. lol. What attracts them to these features? I know this doesn't pertain to all black guys, but I just want to know your opinions, thanks,


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  • Of course we black guys(Steve from Ivory Coast) like "Big Ass,Big Thighs,straight-lined back,sexy skin, long hair" girls.

    But where you are wrong is that you think that _only_ Black Girls possess these attributes.

    Check out South-American and Southeast-Asian girls and let's talk about it.

    (Asian and Latina girls even have longer,smoother and better hair to match-up the attributes sheet than black girls).

    And of course, we don't like White Girls shapes (thin ass,tin thighs,squeletic everything,boring nose and face).

    But when caucasian(white) women try to modify their naturally-annoying attributes, they look extremely gorgeous : Kim Kardashian and sisters for example (if she is caucasian).


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  • Well I'm a white guy and I like thick girls. I just like them to be more uniformly think (not just big butt and thighs). Don't get me wrong I like slim fit looking women too but I like a bit of "padding". I don't like it if their bony but if they're reasonably fit I can appreciate it.

  • your survey doesn't speak for all black men, and you asked a group of boys I'm sure so I'd call your test one sided. I love all woman, but there's nothing like a dark chocolate sista, (like your self) I've learned that the smaller petite woman are much better in bed then thicker ones. they stay wet longer and they can take a lot more cock...I was always fascinated by that. sorry to be so vulgar but that's how I am..:)

    • Well, thanx 4 ur comment. I'm glad all black guys dnt have the same opinon on tht :)

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  • as for thick girls, that is just the standard of beauty. I guess white guys like thin girls because usually most of them are smaller framed so that's normal to them, but for black and hispanic guys they're usually bigger so they like thicker girls?

    about the black vs hispanic girl thing...yeah stuff like this really bothers me. this is why I am considering just not dating black guys anymore, they can be so disrespectful to their own race. I mean you never hear hispanic/asian/white guys talking like this but a black guy is the first to say that other black girls aren't that pretty so yeah why date someone like that?

    • Yeahh. ur soo right. I'm more atrracted to white and hispanic guys anyway. but I just wanted to know why most black guys felt this way. thanx 4 ur comment :)