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Guys, how often do you think/talk about a girl you like?

Guys How often do you think about a girl you really like? How often do you think about a girl you like a bit? Do you still think about a girl a... Show More

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  • How often do you think about a girl you really like? A lot compared to anything else

    How often do you think about a girl you like a bit? Sometimes when I'm not doing anything.

    Do you still think about a girl a lot if you like other girls ? Do you think about the one you like the most? I thinkbout the one I lie most for most of the time.

    What do you talk about with your guy friends? I talk about how a certain girl was hot or if id do her, or if I see a hot bird will tell them id do her and such. Don't tend to have serious chats about the feelings side ever :P

    If a boy says to his best guy friend, don't go for ..."girls name" does this mean he likes her? I've only ever said it as a joke or when I actually don't want him to go for her cos I know something about her but I've never fancied the same girl my mate did.

    Does it really hurt a guy if a girl accidently liked him and his best mate? Not really, yet men don't have feelings when talking to other men unless something serious happened.

    Also, if a guy looks back at a girl a lot what does this mean? He's either scared your going to attack him or he likes you and wouldn't mind you saying something to him when he's looking or smiling at him.

    • Thanks what if when he said don't go for "girls name" if the girl flirted with his friend and he stared at her like he was hurt. The next day saying to his best mate don't go for that girl .

    • Sounds like he was hurt/jealous.

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  • A girl you really like; any time someone talks about her, you see a picture of her, or when you're trying to get to sleep.

    (if you really like a girl you don't tend to think about other girls)

    Constantly looking at you is a sign he's interested, although if you catch him looking at you often he may think that you think he's a pervert.

    If he's looking at you while talking to someone else, it's likely he's talking about you.

    If a guy likes you, when he's talking to his friends he'll make that clear and try to stop other guys going after you, although if he has low self esteem (it always comes down to this) then he might think he won't have a chance with you so he won't make his intent clear.

  • if I had a penny every time I thought about her...i would be a millionaire by now!

  • If I really like a girl I can't get her off my mind...If I like a girl slightly meaning she's good to look at type thing then I probably don't think about her very much, unless I'm going through selections of who I should go after...

    I would certainly think about the one I like and no other girls at the time I like her...

    If I really really like a girl I might talk to my friends a little about her but not too much as I don't want them noticing her and going after her themselves(known to happen)

    If a guy tells his friend not to go for someone it probably means "man you really don't want to lower your standards THAT much!"

    • I get what your sayin, but if both guys stare at the same girl and the girl has been flirted with for a guy for 4 months. His best friend then flirts with the girl and she flirts back. The day after he tells her not to fo for her. If they both like her how is it lowing standards? :)

  • i talk to girls about these things because my freinds relationship is terrible and other freind can't stop getting crushes so I talk to girls about my crushes and I say this if a guy looks at a girl a lot sometimes he(like me) thinks of how would our future be like I hope she looks back at me and we have a connection stuff like that, I think of the girl I like almost all the time but my freinds don't have the same taste as me like most freinds do I like the girls that aren't the popular type thoose are the ones that is open no one in their face and mostly means that your freinds won't be interested just go with your instinct and try to think of what he is thinking

  • I don't have any one "best" girl I think of, I often think about the ones I like and who I'd have the best chances with. I'm always trying to decide who that "best" girl is but there really isn't one who is more perfect than the others.

    Guys find it hard to have serious conversations about a girl they like with guy friends, I'd much rather talk about relationships with a girl. Guys hide their feelings and instead of giving real help they often joke about "doing her" as a way to cover it up. I've never really had a completely serious talk about a girl I liked with a guy friend (even my best friend since kindergarten), but I've found it relatively easy to talk to female friends about that kinda thing.

  • i think about a girl(s) I want a lot but I don't have friends to talk about her to... that's all I can say the rest of your question is too confusing

  • All the time if I like her. She's like invading my brain

  • I think about the girl I like a lot

    I don't like girls "a bit"(I try to stay away from little kid crushes)

    I don't talk to my guy friends about it because they are idiots

    Try telling them who you like, and they will try to embarrass you in front of her

    If he says don't go for her and he likes her? why do you want to know if he likes her, you said it already, but yes he does

    And a girl can't accidently like someone

    It can hurt if you like someone and they like your best friend

    but if she doesn't stop you get over it and move on

    And looking, he likes her

    Whoever this girl is

    He likes her

    • "I don't talk to my guy friends about it because they are idiots" so true!

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