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Do guys like innocent, wholesome girls?

I've heard that if a guy meets a really pretty, but very wholesome/innocent girl, he will date her over a sluttier looking girl. is this true?

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  • Yes, I would because I am rather inexperianced with things so I would want to take the relationship slow ;)

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  • depends on motive because at some point we will want sex and its at that point that most guys will wish they had picked the sluttier one...

  • this is definitely true for me

  • Yes and no, depends on the guy..

  • I would.

  • Depends on the guy. A player type just wants sex and will go for the slut. A nicer player will go for the wholesome girl until a he wants sex, then will find a slut. heh, a good guy will want to be with a good girl though.

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