Is a goofy personality good?

I've been told I have a goofy personality, I don't have a lot of "game", and girls are all about friends, should I dump this and go with a more "mature" (to me less fun) personality type or stick with what I got and hope a girl comes a long?


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  • I don't think you should dump your goofiness completely, how about you try a balance? Speaking from experience of actually having a good guy friend who matches your description really well, he definitely gets along well with the ladies - ie, he's entertaining, they like to hang out with him, they don't feel pressured - which goes a long way in terms of getting a girl comfortable with you. If you could switch it up and get more serious after a bit of that, I think you could have a good chance with her ;)


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  • Trust me, goofy is great!

    Don't change at all, if you were "mature" and boring I don't think the majority of girls would want you, or maybe be around you...

    the funner the better :):))))

  • its good to be funny!

  • don't change yourself for girls. try finding a happy balance if you want, just don't change completely. wouldn't you rather have a girl like you rather than the guy you're trying to be?

  • Stay true to who you are and you are more likely to like the girls you attract. The question is: do you want to attract more mature girls? If not, don't fix what ain't broken.

  • I love goofy! I'm kind if goofy a sarcastic way! lol

  • definitely :)

  • i really like guys like this! why change your personality? don't do that that's not good. you want a girl who will love you for you...if you change your personality then you're being fake and you won't be happy because you can't be who you really are and you'll always have to keep the charade up


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  • Nah, don't. You know when people say, "don't change yourself for others"? Well, it's true. And this is the type of situation it points to. "Don't change yourself for others" doesn't work when it's used by people making excuses for things like being overweight. There's a difference between changing yourself and improving yourself.

    Anyway, even if you do change yourself, I think you'll find that it's not worth it.

    1. Forcibly altering your personality will get to you eventually. It will be an emotional burden just like when an introspective person forces himself to be extremely outgoing for long periods of time. It's exhausting.

    2. If ever you alter it, and manage to attract someone, she won't be attracted to you, will she? Will you be able to keep up that facade forever?

    3. Will you be attracted to her? You may like her on the outside, but if she meshes well with your "mature" persona, and not with your true, "goofy" persona, I don't really think it'll turn out well in the long term.

    I'd say, stay true to yourself. Someone will come along who loves you and your personality. Just like there are different men, there are different women so it's not hard to imagine that you'll find someone young at heart like you. Lastly, mature isn't the right word, I think. For example, I like playing computer games and killing zombies (omgzombiesyay!) but that doesn't make me immature. I become immature when I prioritize killing zombies over more important responsibilities. No matter how much the zombies deserve to die (a lot). If it's truly maturity you think they're looking for, that will come with age and experience.

    Good luck! :D

    • All zombies deserve unless its that first one then it needs to be spread. yay zombie outbreak!!!

  • I say stay true to yourself the goofiness has done nothing but help me out.

  • Be unique guys love it;)

  • Better than a boring personality.