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Why do guys try to act so cool when they are with their friends?

Guys, you tell me ! Theirs this guy I like...hes polite when my friends and I are around him when his friends aren't around. But the minute he's... Show More

An example? I was walking back to my friends house and my crushes group of friends were with him and hey were heading in the same direction as my friend and I. These boys were trying to act so "cool" when they were together.
My crush kept on pushing his smaller friends and when they couldn't see my friend and I they all shouted BRAINER out loud to make my friend feel like crap. My crushes friend started a rumor about her. It upsets me so much how they think their awesome..
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  • its quite simple actaullywhen he is with his freinds he can't be soft and polite with you because he's freinds will laugh at him. Well... he's real freinds wouldn't make him feel bad or make fun of him cause of that, but even so HE F E A R S that they will. Fear is the main emotionmaking him do that.Its basically same as he might be shy to kiss his Girlfriend near he's family and friends causehe fears what they will think about it. But if he has done it even ONCE infront he's freinds he will lose the fear and be confident about it.Another reason might be that he trys to be cool for his friends, trying to show them that yourthe love sick one chaseing after him. I mean... every guy wants a girl to chase after him and if he's freinds get that inpression he will look cool infront them and gain RESPECT from them.there are SO many diffrent reasons for why he really might do that... I do not know the DETAILS of how he acts alone with you and how he acts with he's freinds , what he says and does. If I knew that I could probably give you the most accurate answer.but in most cases... its all about looking cool infront of he's friends while he thinks that there is no way you might get offended by that.But as I said real reasons depend on DETAILS... and AGE. As I see its Under 18... so that means age matters A LOTif you want more detailed answer you can send me a message ^^

    • Thank you so muchyou really said a lot and it did help :PI fully understand why guys act like this.Would it be alright if I did message you?

    • Why wouln't it be? ^^besides I got nothing to do... so you can ask my msn for all I care ^^i'll be waiting that message then.... even ... though I am 2 days late replieing lmao

  • one word, competition. thats all there is to it.

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